How to Sell To A$$Holes! (And other Personality Types!)

Have you ever had that customer?  You know, the one that you just hate to work with?  Ughhh…. but you need/want the money and you just gotta get the deal through.  We’ll I’ve been there myself.  Believe me when I tell you that I know exactly how hard it is.

Here is the cool reality of real estate though.  The people who sell the most real estate are generally the most flexible of people.  I mean, they really know how to schmooze a guy! But the truth is, there is a science behind the madness.  That “science” of selling, is being versatile.

So why do I say “How To Sell To A$$Holes! (And Other Personality Types!)”?  Well, its because I believe that many times, the truth of the matter is, nobody is really an asshole until we show up.  Think about it.  You generally aren’t an asshole.  I’m not generally an asshole (don’t ask my ex-wives about that). So if I’m not, and You’re Not, who is?

The idea is that most people are just like you and I, just in different states at different times.  We interact with each other and our differing personality styles cause us to bounce about like two cars in an intersection!  No wonder we have so many human crashes! So how you sell to an A$$Hole, is to be versatile.  To appreciate the differences in people, and then applying those sales skills to help people make a decision to sign a contract!

After all, that’s really what this is all about isn’t it?  In order to help them, we have to get them to sign a contract.  To get a contract signed requires an element of skills and sometimes a little luck doesn’t hurt.  When you learn how to be versatile enough to deal with any type of person, you will see your $’s turn into $$’s!!

That’s why I say, learn “How To Sell To A$$Holes! (And Other Personality Types!)” To make twice as much money!

Talk to you soon!


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