“The key to you…

“The key to your success in Real Estate depends on your ability to control the conversations…”

One of the biggest challenges that people face when learning how to flip property, or assign for a profit is the challenge of knowing what the hell to say once you get there!   Unfortunately, people do not spend a lot of time teaching the new Investor/Realtor® on the right words to say.  So what are the conversations that need to occur?  What are those dialogues and skills that are needed to be ultra-successful?

In the eighteen years I have been in this industry, I am always asked by new Realtors® or Investors something along the lines of  “Ok, so here is the situation, what do you say to something like this?”  The good news is, there are very few conversations that you can’t plan and prepare for.  Conversations with the Seller, The Seller’s attorney or Realtor®, Escrow, Buyers Agents, your end use buyers and their partners!  The list is endless of all the people who could screw up your deal.  One thing I’ve learned after countless deals dying on the closing table is that your ability to get paid in this business, is directly proportional to your ability to make sense, of a nonsense situation.

How many times have you been in this situation?  A potential Home Seller contacts you via your marketing (Squeezepage, Bandit Sign, Yellow Letter) and you now have the enjoyable problem of figuring out what to do now?  If you are like me, and you hate, hate, hate, being unprepared, so then you typically have to make some choices.  Figuring out their motivation, comparables, who is interested in buying that, is that in the right area, what is the ARV, what are the repairs, a TON of questions all fly through your mind.  It is nearly impossible to expect a brand new person into the real estate game to know all the shortcuts and “in’s and out’s” of a game they have never played.

What typically happens then, is the new practitioner gets overwhelmed, and fearful of making a mistake, or not being able to sell the home, paralyzed by fear, you do nothing.  What stops you from “getting yours” when everyone else around you seems to “get it?”  Oftentimes it is nothing more than our own fears caused by our own lack of knowledge of what to say.  As unfair as it is, many good natured people are drummed out of the business… not because they did not mean well, but because they could not afford to “make it.”

That is why I am so happy to be a part of TenMinuteSkill and The Red Pill Investor Sales System.  The Red Pill Sales System is more than just a collective of like-minded individuals on Facebook.  It is an entire system dedicated to the needs of the Wholesaling and Investing Realtor® Community.  Scripts and dialogues to handle every sales situation from prospecting FSBO’s and Expired listings for property, to dialogues of how to flip MLS property.  Why am I happy about it?  Because I am committed to making sure that if YOU are interested in flipping property (assignment/wholesaling) then you will have the words you need to be successful.

You see, the hardest part for you to be successful is knowing what to say.  To my knowledge, there is no other entity on the market today to give you the words, the dialogues and skills to be successful.  While most other systems focus on Google Adword campaigns, building squeeze pages, or sending handwritten yellow letters; The Red Pill Sales System is designed to teach you the business saving skills of  Lead Generation, Lead Followup, Pricing, Presentation, Objection handling, and of course, Closing.

The best part of this System, is that I am happy to give it to you for free to use.  Our Scripts and Systems are time tested by Realtors® and Wholesaler’s across the United States.  If you would like to learn more about how this System works, then I would encourage you to attend a talk that I will be  we will be giving May 15th, 2014 at 11am PST.  It will be entitled “How to Talk to the Seller… Without Getting Thrown Out!”  In that class, I am simply asking for all my friends of TenMinuteSkill who are looking for an unfair edge over their competition by learning how to control the conversations that you need to have in the typical Real Estate transaction.    I look forward to seeing you at the event!  Registration is required as this event will be interactive, and I want to be able to give meaningful information to you.  Click here to save your spot now!

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