Two Kinds of Busy By Seth Godin

Two Kinds of Busy By Seth Godin

In Seth Godin’s Blog, He recently made an observation about Time management that is just as pertinent to us as Investors and Realtors® who Wholesale, about being two kinds of busy.  In his article, Seth mentioned one kind of “Busy” where we are so focused in on a task that nothing, and noone can stand in the way.  That is an incredible level of focused attention.  Then there is the OTHER kind of “Busy”.  The kind that is filled with activity, not necessarily productivity however.

The article itself suggested two things.  Being that if you were “one kind of busy, try the other one out for a change.  You might find it suits you.”  I absolutely agree with this philosophy!  How could you apply this type of philosophy to your life?  Simple!  In simple areas such as Prospecting (you could door-knock instead of call on a sunny day), in the other direction, maybe you could wake up a bit earlier than normal, and see what happens to your productivity for a week! 

On the other hand, Seth also stated that if you found that what you were doing isn’t working for you, then an perhaps you are confused about what it takes to get you where you want to go.  That It seems, is one of the most difficult challenges that we as people have.  Finding out where we want to go.  On the one hand, we want to be successful, but we do not always want to pay the price of success.  Sometimes we simply have not been taught the way to be good at what we do.  No matter what the reason however, we are still in this space of non-production.

How are we then, to separate ourselves from this ho-hum, day in, die by “repetitious boredom” life? By changing what you do.  Change what you physically do, you will change your physical state.  Change your physical state, you will add something, some spark, some motivation to what you want out of life.  It will not be easy.  However, for the Investor, or Realtor®/Investor, you are able to have the most unique opportunities available in America today.  The price of that admission however is sometimes temporary defeats and setbacks. 

Get started today!  Move!  Challenge yourself to take action!  What could you accomplish in the next 90 days if you set your mind to? 

If you want help, contact me today and let me see what we can do to help!

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