Ask and Ye Shall Receive? Thanks Google Hummingbird!

I recently found an article in CopyBlogger in which the author Eric Enge outlines how this now allows those who are “serious content creators”  an advantage in keyword searches.  In a nutshell, in the opinion of this ever so humble author, this is the “Great Equalizer” we have been looking for!  So long trolls from companies that call you on Facebook complaining that their trademark was infringed because they’ve trademarked a verb.  We (You and me) BUYING (Because that’s what you do) and Houses (Because that is a ubiquitous term for ANYTHING).  Certain individuals have made quite a living for themselves on the annoyance of those who actually work in the business, but I digress….

As you can see from this video,  by simply thinking about what your prospective customer may be “thinking about” in any blogpost, or YouTube content you put into the world will be a vast advantage over the persons who reside behind nameless keyboards.  Lording over keywords like so many trolls under a bridge demanding tribute or removal.  What is your customer thinking about?  “Should I Sell My Home To an Investor or List?”  How about “FSBO vs. Listing?”.  For a person you want to find is a Private Lender?  Maybe if you wrote a blogpost, or a short video, or a podcast about how a person could get X return on their money with a Joint Venture on something!  Be creative!

If you are looking for a motivated seller, someone who wants fast cash for their home, someone who just wants to be out of the house, and into a free life, then write about that!  You might talk about some of your past clients experiences, or ask others opinions about their worst deal, or anything!  Without a media voice (again, in my opinion) you are without a voice at all.  The question is, what will your voice be?

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