The Ten Advertising Commandments for Realtors® Who Invest!

Advertising, as taught by Don Draper

“Whatever you are doing, it’s ok…YOU, are okay…”

When I decided to add wholesaling to my business, the immediate problem was that I did not have enough leads. Trying to find a homeowner who would need my services as an Investor wasn’t exactly a “Realtor® Role” . As a Realtor®, one just cannot toss out any old bandit sign and staple it to a telephone pole! It’s not like it’s legal for an unlicensed person to do, but questions like “how do I disclose my agent status on a yellow letter?” Or “Should I even do bandit signs?” Came to mind. These were questions that I didn’t necessarily want to ask my broker about, but I didn’t want to lose my license. I think many people feel the same way, and that is understandable.

In my journey in sales, I have discovered what I believe to be the best solution for this problem. While I recognize that it is commonplace for many agents to neglect, or obfuscate, or “forget” to mention that they are agents in the transaction, I believe we should make our agent status front and center of our business! Let me sell you a little on why!

1. The number of people who trust you, skyrockets. People know that as an agent, you are responsible to someone, and that there is a place they can go for remedy. While the “We buy houses” signs tend to give a unseemly nature, this can be counteracted by the presence of your agent license!

2. The people who want to skirt the law, avoid you or will openly oppose you. There is nothing a crook hates more then the presence of right action. If you maintain your integrity, as well as your ethic quality, then those who will seek to taint your business will flee from you.

There is nothing a crook hates more then the presence of right action.

3. People by nature assume you know more. You could be a 20 year veteran of the military with a handful of real estate hours experience. They will assume those 20 years you spent overseas were spent selling houses! I have seen this firsthand.

There is an edge over an unlicensed person in competition if you do your advertising and presentation correctly! There simply is no experience like selling!

Most people do not know how to sell, and consequently your competitors who do not know and/or will not take the time to learn how to sell, are easy prey against you! Sad to say it, but like the Highlander said, “There can be only one!” Someone is getting their mortgage paid, and someone isn’t! Let’s make sure it’s you who is getting paid!

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The following our special advertising considerations for Realtors® as taken from the Code of Ethics and the Federal Fair Housing Act.

I consider these the 10 Advertising Commandments for Realtors® who invest!

1. My ad is not misleading, nor does it create a misleading impression whatsoever.
i.e. Daisychains, down payments that are zero down payment loans without proper Regulation Z disclosures etc.

2. My ad identifies my real estate firm.

i.e. Your Direct mail pieces of ANY color should make mention of the fact that you are a Realtor®. Why be ashamed?

3. My ad identifies everyone’s professional status in the ad, including my firm.
i.e. For example if you’re a broker use this to your advantage people know what a broker is! Even though you and I both know being a broker just means you’ve been to school more, and have additional responsibilities! It means something in the public eye.

4. My name as a real estate salesperson is not the only one in the ad.
i.e. In some states you must disclose one thing in another you may not have to. Check your local state for individual regulations regarding brokerage disclosure.

5. I have the proper authority to publish or submit this ad.

i.e. It almost goes without saying. But do you really HAVE the property in question under contract?

6. If it is a listing, the price advertised is it agreed upon by the owner.

i.e. We all know that the Sales price sometimes is different than the listed price. However if you are representing the Seller, be sure to only advertise the pertinent price.

7. Any service I offer as “free of charge” is indeed free of charge. It is not tied to a service for which I am compensated. i.e. How “No strings attached” is your offer?

8. My ad fully describes the conditions of “Inducement offers.”
i.e. If you are inducing someone to do something, you must make it extremely clear what the inducement is, the result desired and what it will be ultimately. For example if you were offering to pay all of the buyers closing costs if they purchase your home, then you must explain what price the home must be.

9. Any ownership interest I have in the property is disclosed.
i.e. This is the one where many Realtors® have problems. Ownership interest means equitable interest as well.

10. My ads do not contain statements of racial or ethnic terms. Nor do they contain explicit or implied exclusions, limitations, preferences or discrimination toward any person; regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or sexual orientation or status.
Does it really matter what color they are? Or whom they love? So long as their money is green?

Mad Men A&E
Mad Men A&E

So then the question becomes can Realtors® do bandit signs? No. But nobody can! They are illegal everywhere! That’s why there called bandit signs. There just as illegal for AYSO soccer moms break this law looking for soccer players just as much as you are looking for motivated sellers! With the possible exception that as a Realtor®, if it is properly disclosed, many times it will fall under the permit fees your company pays the city for sign permits. If it is used as directionals or something, you could be very creative with your bandit signage! Check your local regulations for Realtors® and their directionals.

Online and print media are the same. Although they are my preference, you will want to become known as the expert in your area online. It is cheaper, easier, and more effective. Things like blogs, if written correctly have a long shelf life, and can lead to business as well.

So in conclusion, if you are an agent, do not resist! Accept it! Being an agent is awesome! This part of The Red Pill Sales System is using the “Rules of the Matrix” to your advantage. The rules say that you must disclose yourself as a principal to the transaction (Article 4 NAR Code of Ethics), and then let the world know you are an agent while you do it! (Article 12 NAR Code of Ethics).

So use the rules to your advantage. Let everyone know you were an agent, and exactly why they need to do business with you versus Joe Schmuckatelli and add wholesaling to your business today!

Have a POWERFUL Sales Day!

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