The Power of Goals


The Apple MacBook Pro

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am in LOVE with my MacBook Pro. So when it’s hard drive failed for the second time in six months. I was understandably dismayed. Even now, as I painfully type out each and every word on my iPad (yeah, yeah, I know…Earnest Hemingway had it far worse!) it reminds me of the power of having a goal.

You see, for me, a computer represents a lifeline. My method of doing business. As a Realtor®, Coach, and Podcaster, it is a lifeline to me, as well as the heartbeat of TenMinuteSkill. While the “mind” of TenMinuteSkill is mine, the ability for me to communicate with the “Body” that is our Red Pill Investor Community is hampered when I have restricted means to reach you, my reader.

And as I waited patiently for the Apple store Genius to return with  it’s pronouncement of life or death on my now stricken companion; like a unfaithful spouse, began searching for her replacement. As I looked across the light wood rows of tables, filled with the newest of gadgetry, my eye came upon this new MacBook Pro. My thought, “Wow, that’s expensive.”

But then I began to think. Isn’t it just ANOTHER example in life where we sometimes have to settle and just sigh? Of course, there are times in your life where compromise is the better part of valor? To find less expensive and perhaps just as good resources that are alternatives? For example, not get an Apple at all? However, aren’t there an equal, if not greater number of times where you should say yes and make your dreams come true?

What is the “MacBook Pro” in your life? What is that dream, or secret wish you want? Have you convinced yourself that you aren’t worthy, or it’s not the right time, or you’ve waited too long, or other reason why you can’t achieve it? You see, in 18 years of living a commission lifestyle, I’ve learned one thing. Resourcefulness.

Be careful what you get accustomed to…

Whenever I look at a goal, there are a few key things I consider. I call them SMART Goals. It’s certainly not new, but if you’ve not heard them before, then please allow me the honor of sharing with you the SMART Goal System!

1. S- Stands for Specific

The more specific you are about your goals, the faster they will become a reality for you. Take pictures of yourself in it, on it, using it, or being it. A picture is worth a thousand……… dollars! (c’mon sales people!) For example, this MacBook. Although I could easily buy one, the question is, (although it makes a great topic) do I really WANT it? If so, then I need to be very specific about what type, when I intend to have it, and what I intend to do to earn the money required to gain a thing.

So let’s take it to something more tangible. Suppose I did not have the money to pay for a laptop, (or if you don’t have money for Coaching  hint… hint.) or a brand new car, or a brand new house for my family. To get any thing one must first develop a plan on how to obtain it.

Be blatantly specific about what you want, and what you will do to get the goal you want. Otherwise, how will you know when you have reached your goal?

2. M- Stands for Measurable.

Once you know what you want, now the task is to define a measurable way to track your progress. So for example, if you wanted to generate $10,000 per month selling widgets (or houses) then you would first need to track the average amount you made per unit sold. If you made $4,000 per commission or house assigned, then you know you need to complete 2.5 deals per month to make your monthly “nut”. You and I both know that not every deal goes through, and so in order to make sure you accomplish your goals, you must work to get at least 4 deals in escrow per month to make sure three close.

Without being able to track your results you still have a very difficult time trying to predict your results and track your progress. Therefore, when goal setting, ensure that you make sure your goals are measurable, no vague half-measures! In this case, state that your goal may be $10,000 a month in Real Estate Income, what you intend to do to get it (flip houses, list or sell property) and the specific steps you will take to achieve that result. Remember! Make it easily measured!

3. A- Stands for Achievable.  

Is whatever you are attempting to do even possible?  In Les Brown’s famous speech, “It’s Possible”,  Les cautions us to remind ourselves that “It’s Possible”.  It doesn’t matter if you know how it will work yet.  Just keep trying with the inner knowledge that something is possible.  If you can find anyone who has done that goal, that special thing, that whatever you want; then it’s possible for you to have that for your life as well.  Is it possible?  If the answer is yes, then keep pressing forward towards your goal, knowing that it is simply “possible.”  Just say to yourself that it is possible for you because that is all that is needed to BEGIN to change whatever is in your life.  You get what you focus on, and what you focus on expands.  So operate from “a larger vision of yourself” and do whatever your life is destined to do!   It’s Possible!

4. R- Stands for “Results Oriented”

Back in my “Preaching Days” I always used to say a phrase someone once told me. “Don’t be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good!”  It doesn’t make sense to have the best goals, the perfect plans, the measurable steps, if you don’t take action.  Oftentimes, the hardest part of taking action is the first step to begin the momentum.  Even basic physics teaches us that an object in rest tends to stay in rest, while an object in motion, tends to stay in motion.  Therefore, Stay In Motion!   Once you’ve set your goals, defined your plans, and established your markers for success, then it is time to take action.

For example, if you wanted to get those 4 deals per month, so you could close three, then you know that you have specific steps you need to take to get those transactions you need.  Oftentimes, the hardest part of this step is just getting started.  For example, in order to purchase this laptop, I could go and buy it, or instead, I could create a brand new program to help someone else.  I chose to create “The Vault”.  The Vault is a place where I put all my top videos, webinars, books, and training materials.  ANYTHING I can think of to help my customers in their business.  Likewise, for you, identify what your customer says they need, and then give it to them!  To do anything else is almost paramount to negligence.  If you know something that could help another, and you choose not to help, how is that any different than negligence?

If you know something that could help another, and you choose not to help, how is that any different than negligence?

5. T- Stands for “Tough”

What good is it to have a goal that is easily accomplished? Make your goal difficult to obtain. It is a proven fact that the human body can endure far more pain, go farther, accept less food, take less water and even less sleep. You can do more than you think you can! Set an achievable goal for yourself, then set a “stretch” goal for yourself that is 20% farther. Your mind will allow you to accept the original goal, and then will easily accept a slight stretch. In professional baseball, this practice is known as “swinging with a heavier bat.” Frequently before approaching the batters box the batter will take a few practice swings with a weighted that in an attempt to stretch his muscles and allow him to hit the ball harder and faster. When you approach your problems this way, by allowing for 20% more difficulty, when the “reality of life” hits you, you are prepared.

So in conclusion, let me reassert my belief that you must set powerful smart goals for yourself. These goals, when put in the SMART format, will assist you in becoming more efficient as a sales person, more effective as a human being, and moreover more productive in your life! As for myself? I will get the Macintosh… I’ll let you know when!

Oh, By the way, what is YOUR secret wish, and what steps are you going to take to get it? Reply below!


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