What to Do When Your Direct Mail Isn’t Working!

 “What do I tell him?” The question came to me from a long time friend on Facebook. His query was about what to tell a friend who had recently sent out thousands upon thousands of mailers with no results. What to tell someone indeed! It hurts when you send out mailers like that, with no return. We’ve all been there, wouldn’t it be nice to know what to do if you didn’t have to learn it again?

So I held a short Google Hangout (if you’re not familiar with them, Google Hangouts are the best technology in the world in my opinion!) But in the course of this hang out, I shared a few ideas of what I feel are important to know about lead generation, marketing, for sale by owners, expired’s, everything I could think of to help a new practitioner.


In this video, I talk briefly about what you as a practitioner must know about the various forms of Lead Generation and how they relate to the Customer Life Cycle.  

It is my belief that your lead generation and marketing are two separate items, and that the weaknesses of each will lead to their strengths for you! In this video, you will learn about the three forms of business, the two forms of lead generation, social media practices, and how to create interesting content for giveaways, white paper, and much much more!


What to Do When your Direct Mail Isn’t Working!

There is so much to say about this topic, I could write pages. But instead I prepared a short video presentation. I presented it today, and it seemed to meet with a good audience. I would appreciate your opinion as well!

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