Why You Will Fail Your 2015 Goals…

Goal Setting for 2015?

If you are setting your goals for 2015, you typically want more.  More time, more deals, more money, or more clients.  Typically, when you are planning your next years business plan, you have great ideas, goals, and dreams.   However, you and I both know that you will, in all likelihood fail in your goals.  How much you fail is what will determine your ultimate success, believe it or not.

Multiple System Failure

business-idea-534228_1280It’s usually not one thing that stops us from achieving our goals.  It is a multitude of things.  I’ve identified three of the most common reasons why you will fail at your goals, and why that isn’t ALWAYS a bad thing!  Usually, when you fail, its due to our inability to plan, our lack of knowledge, or failure to “Strengthen the Link”.

It’s when you start looking closely at your business goals that you will be able to “fail forward, faster!”.  This will enable you to get over the drama, the bad deals, and the difficult clients you will undoubtedly encounter along the way!

Fail forward, Faster!

The First Reason.. Our Inability To Plan

Hopefully, you have already taken the time to build your business plan for 2015.  If not, then why not?  Oftentimes, we have a nebulous idea in our heads about “how it’s all going to work out”.  You know what I mean… you have this conversation in your head…

“Well, I need to sell at least 3 homes a month to make my monthly bills, so I need to get about 200 signs, and mail a few things, or maybe do some Pay Per Click…”

Nothing specific, just a general idea.  Sound familiar?  Of course, we all have had those moments where we are planning “in our heads.”  Yet it’s this very “non-planning” that gets us in trouble.

Simple But Not Easy

You see, real estate is simple, but not easy.  For wholesaling investors, or Realtors® who invest, it is Simple. (Buy low, sell high.) But Not EASY; (Knowing what to say, how to “be comfortable with the process”, Etc)

For Real Estate, The Red Pill Sales SystemThe Red Pill Sales System is specifically designed to help the practitioner from “Doorbell to Closing!”.  By using the scripts, the dialogues, and the actual “hands-on” training you find there, you can discover the “How To Build a Duplicatable Sales Business” in wholesaling.  It helps show you the “how to, and what to say, so you can be comfortable with the process”.

Likewise, your business plan is to your Goals what The Red Pill Sales System is to Real Estate Sales.

Your business plan is what outlines the specific steps you will take to get those 3 homes a month sold.  What are the exact steps you will take?  How many contracts must you write? How many contacts do you have to make?  Asking these hard questions will help you propel your business to the next level.

(Included in The Red Pill Sales System Book are templates for creating your business plan!)

Without this difficult self introspection, we seldom take real action to initiate the steps it takes to get a better year in 2015 than we had in 2014!

The Second Reason… A Lack Of Knowledge

There is probably nothing more aggravating than this particular point.  How many times have you not known what to do with a deal?  Maybe the pricing was off, or hard to figure in that particular area?  Perhaps they were SUPER motivated, but you simply didn’t know how to do a deal like that… much less one that would be profitable?

Of course.  We all have those types of misgivings or unknowns.  It’s part and parcel of this business. The lack of knowledge that I am talking about is much more pernicious than that however.  It is the “I don’t know how to do this… what if I can’t find a Buyer?” thoughts that float through your head.

Many times, we want 100% confirmation (or at least greater than 90%) that a deal or plan will work out.  While it is true, certain parameters (being able to find a buyer) are considerations when dealing with the sale of Real property, there is also a “roll of the dice” element for lack of a better term.

Many times, you just “luck into” a deal or transaction because you “were there.”  I have had countless times in my career where a home has sold for a lot more than I originally thought it would (and in cash) simply because someone wanted it bad enough.  Had I not taken the chance to go outside my normal comfort zone.

A Lack Becomes A Largesse

Think about it.  What stops you from making an offer on property? Are you an Investing Realtor® and afraid of the legality of wholesale investing in your town?  Have you heard from your local Title Company or Attorney that you can’t use your “end use buyers funds” and you have to use your own?  Have you been afraid to act because you don’t know for sure if you have your “escape clauses” or end use buyer?

Identify what it is that you are afraid of, and then take immediate action to rectify this!  Every single problem that I mentioned above is a common question that I have heard as a Sales Skills Coach for TenMinuteSkill.  The good news is, like objections, they are not new, and have simple answers!

Think about it.  If you can overcome your fear, your lack of knowledge, your reluctance to step outside of your comfort zone, what sort of opportunities would you open yourself up to?  Remember, if you want the money to rain down from heaven, you have to have your hands open, not closed; to collect that which is yours.  Likewise, open your mind a bit, be more flexible, and get specific training for your real estate questions.

You will never make a 25% 15% or even 5% increase in your business if you cannot increase your knowledge base to help give you the confidence you need.

The Third Reason… Failing to “Strengthen The Link”

A long time ago, I overheard one of my role models Gordon Watson say “You must Strengthen The Link Between The Prospecting and the Goals you’ve set for yourself.”

“You Must Strengthen The Link Between the Prospecting That You Are Doing, and The Goals You’ve Set For Yourself.”

-Gordon Watson

While he said it in a residential real estate fashion, it is equally applicable in the wholesaling world.  When you can realize that if you make the goals you have so strong and compelling, and then you link it to the prospecting or lead generation you need to get those goals, you have power!

By “strengthening the link” mentally between the prospecting you are doing in the moment, to the “goals” you want in your life, it helps overcome the tough times.

Great…How Do I Strengthen The Link?

It’s easy to say, and hard to do!  It is true that “What you focus on, expands.” That helps to a certain degree, so lets begin by seeing what you are focusing on!

chain-297842_1280To begin to change your “focus”  you must change what you are looking at!  A practical example of how to do this would be to go to any local Walmart or local store where you can get a tri-fold white presentation board.  This is the kind that kids use for their school projects.  It does not need to be expensive.

On this, you will create a “Vision Board”.  On this, put the places you want to go, things you want to do, things you would like to have in your life.  They don’t need to be big things either!  For example, on my vision board, at one point, I put pictures of nice suits that I wanted to have. Now I have a closet full of them, and I hardly wear them!


One of the most powerful things you can do to help train your mindset not to fail is aversion therapy.  You have probably heard of putting a rubber band on your wrist to “snap” every time you have a “bad thought” or habit you are doing.

One of my earliest students took this advice to heart.  In the process of creating a powerful “team oriented” business, she created “SnapIDidIt.com” which has the same concept, yet puts powerful affirmations right on the band to help replace the negative behavior with a positive affirmation.

Other affirmations such as “If anyone can, I can!” or “In the hands of a lesser salesperson, this would be a problem!” can be helpful to you when you are trying to build your business in the midst of turbulent times.

Is Not Getting Your Goals THAT Bad?

Suppose you made a goal for the year of 2015 to do just 25 deals?  How much would that represent to you in terms of cash to you?  If you are currently doing more than 25 deals a year, how would an additional 25 affect you?

The truth is, if you took the time to write out your goals, learn the skills required to obtain your goals, and then build a powerful accountability and mindset system to help you obtain your goals, wouldn’t you be better off?  If you worked an entire year, working on those three items, would your business really be that worse for wear?

When you are trying to decide what you should do for your 2015 goals, understand that by taking time to implement these three steps; win, lose or draw, you will have an AMAZING year!

Tell me, what do you see as your major challenge to getting your goals in 2015?

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