How to Invest In Real Estate With No Money Down.

Investing in Real Estate With No Money Down IS Possible… hobo-315962_1280

However, it depends on how you define “Investing in real estate with no money down.”  More specifically, how do you actually “own” the real estate for little money down.

The purpose of this post is simply to inform you of a few possibilities that you may have not considered.  While the methods of investing are numerous, I am simply trying to put my “two cents” in on the most basic form.  Wholesaling, or “assignment of contract.”

Wholesaling for Profit As A Career

Believe it or not.  There are actually people who have made a career out of assigning property for a living! When you think about it, there are many non-Realtors® who have spent thousands of dollars to know one simple fact about real estate.

Buy a property low, sell it high.  That’s simple.  What’s not easy is the how.

So then the question is, if other people have invested in real estate with zero credit, bad credit, and no money down, when will you?

Now Comes the Inevitable…How.

The good news about beginning a career in wholesaling real estate; as either an addition to your already rocking residential real estate agent business, or as a new beginner, the training is easily available!

With blogs like TenMinuteSkill, podcasts like The Red Pill Investor and more, you are able to learn the specific steps you need to take to gain an edge over your market!  It’s actually a lot easier to integrate investing in real estate in your daily routine than you might think!  For example!

  1. You are driving down the road on your way to your friends house.  You see a house with a large tarp over a portion of the roof.  The house appears run down and in disrepair.  What if it were just possible that they would consider selling this problem instead of fixing it?
  2. You are in a local meeting.  You overhear someone stating that they are moving to Tuscaloosa Alabama, and they are wanting to sell their home quickly, but without a Realtor®.  Would you know what to do?
  3. You are in the grocery store.  You see a flyer about a house for sale by owner.  You take the number on the cutout portion.  It is an estate sale.  Do you know what do say?

The Good News! 

No matter if you are licensed, or unlicensed, if you could see yourself in any of those three situations, then the great… no… Awesome news is that you are able to be a real estate investor!  Why any of those situations are awesome for you is that you can actually invest in every one of those situations!

You might have heard about people who charge thousands of dollars for that kind of information.  Certainly, many of those may have ulterior motives.  However, I will simply let you decide for yourself!

You see, it occurred to me.  In all the posts, blogs, videos, podcasts, and other things I have written, I’ve never really said the obvious.  I’ve sort of assumed it was always true.

However, if you are new to me, or are just hearing about TenMinuteSkill for the first time, then know this.  Know you can start investing today.  Right where you are, with zero money down.  You simply need to know how.  The how, is easy to learn, and simply takes time to practice to perfection.

Here is a complimentary book that I wrote about the sales skills you need called “Sales Skills For Real Estate Investors” and a copy of “The Red Pill Sales Scripts v. 5.0” to help you in the beginning stages FOR FREE!!!!!  


800 Pound Gorillas

It’s been said that there is risk in everything you do.  That there is a cost for everything.  I would agree.  Furthermore, I would add that in wholesaling, the risk is exceptionally low, the cost is practically non-existent, and very beneficial for your community if done properly.

It is my belief that your community, if like mine, has suffered greatly during this recent economic downturn.  If you have ever had a thought in your mind to get involved in real estate with conviction and passion, then this is the time.  This is your moment. There will never be another time that is better than right now for you to take action and get your goals.

If you are new to wholesaling, then no worries.  We have tons of free and inexpensive ways to learn how to talk to Sellers, work with buyers, and much much more!

I as a professional myself, look forward to helping you!  Please drop a line and let me know how we can help you!



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