Realtors® who Invest Beware!

Are you a Realtor® who Invests?

Ever feel like there is a target on your back?

Are You an Investing Realtor?
Are You an Investing Realtor?

You know, ordinarily, I am not one to raise the alarm.

I try not to be inflammatory.  I try to simply let others know what I see in the marketplace.

If you are a Realtor® who invests, then in my mind, now is a time of extreme caution, as well as extreme profitability.

Real Estate Schools And Guru’s Unite!

When you think about 2015, all the real estate schools, and guru’s out there are in force training tomorrow’s new investors, wholesalers, and agents in the ways of assignment of contract, double closings, transactional funding, and making money in Real Estate.

Each new, bright shining face is just a pool of hope; unscarred by the real ravages of the real estate market.  It almost makes you feel sorry for them!

One thing is for sure.  For each new face you see, each new bandit sign on the corner you used to occupy, there are two others that are just waiting to take your business from you.

The Slow Sands of Time

Just like the once mighty Egypt fell, and was overcome by the sands that relentlessly wiped away any trace of their civilization under tons of dirt and forgotten time; your business can similarly fall prey to the same relentless force.  Inattention, and decay.

To ensure that you maintain your rightful place in the hierarchy of those who not only maintain, but obtain more business in 2015, I would encourage you to attend a complimentary “Open Mike” that I will hold Wednesday the 28th of January at Noon MST.

It is entitled “The Top 5 Dangers for Realtors® who Invest!”  It is designed to help show you tips, tricks and techniques that the average licensee does not know, nor will know in the practice of their business.

If you want to get an unfair edge, and help MORE clients and customers in 2015, join me at this free webinar!

Until then, Have a Powerful Sales Day!


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