Wholesale Deal Breakdown With Real Calls And End Use Buyer!

Can Realtors® Wholesale?

That is the question..

The answer of course, is an absolute YES! 

The problem is… how.  

While Realtors® are told in Article 4 of the Code of Ethics that they can act as a principal to the transaction, the overriding question is the “nuts and bolts.”

The “what to say?”

Answers for You!

In a recent post on my YouTube Channel SellMoreHomesNow,posted a video where I actually walk through the actual calls that lead me to this prospect.  Additionally, you will hear how I overcome a very common objection that you might hear.

“We’ve already talked to another Investor…”

Listen intently as I carefully position myself as the trusted person to talk to in the Prospect’s Mind.  Inevitably leading to my purchase of the home a few days later.

Not Every Answer Unfortunately

As you can imagine, it would be impractical to actually videotape the actual presentation in a competitive environment.

However, you can get a complimentary copy of a powerful set of scripts for Realtor®/Investors as well as wholesalers.

What you will get to see and hear however is the actual conversations, with not only myself and the Seller, but myself and the end use buyer.

It’s not 100% complete, nor is it fancy.  However, it is a demonstrable example of what a Wholesaling Realtor® sounds like!

Hopefully it helps you!

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