Faith Healers and Real Estate Gurus

I’ve Reached A Frustration Level

A Marketing Email Received
A Marketing Email Received

Maybe it’s because I’ve been in “the Business” of real estate for nearly 20 years. Maybe it’s because I devote so many hours teaching and training Realtors® and Wholesalers the intricacies of using “Sales Skills for Real Estate Investors”.

However, my frustration level is reaching a boiling point.

Recently I received a marketing email from a somewhat known “real estate wholesaling guru.”  While marketing pieces are nothing new to me… this one caught my eye.

The reason why this particular email, out of the literally hundreds of emails I receive daily from this one, (and others like him) is the absolute hypocrisy of which the author wrote.

Attached, is a copy of the email.  The particular “guru” in question happens to teach direct mail as his primary source of business; and has written an e-book describing how he promotes the idea of Direct Mail as a means of getting business.

I wonder, if this was in the preface of his “#1 Book on Amazon” or whatever, if people would really want to know more?

Televangelists and Real Estate Gurus

"Faith Healer" Benny Hinn
“Faith Healer” Benny Hinn

In a previous career.. I was an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God Pentecostal church.  After awhile, I began to notice a few things about the ministry.

In order to be a successful speaker of any kind… you must be entertaining.  You must be able to captivate your audience’s attention; and hold it rapt while interjecting ideas, as well as concepts to persuade your “congregation” to take action.

Televangelists such as Benny Hinn, are able to build enormous followings through miraculous “healings”.

While I will leave the veracity of their healing and the mechanics to smarter men than I; I believe there is a connection to Real Estate.

The Blind Receive Sight, The Lame Walk…

When you think about your average Real Estate “Guru”; it’s not all that unlike a “faith healing meeting”.  They trot out their latest financially strapped, utterly helpless person and lay their “mystical hands” on them and voilà!! It’s a Miracle! They made 10k!

I can personally assure you.. when I was holding revivals in South Carolina, and Florida… “faith” can make people do strange things.  They will pick up poisonous snakes, speak in tongues; heck.. they’ll even pay $5000, $10,000 or even $20,000 to go to your bootcamp… especially if Jesus tells you to.

By What Authority Do I Speak? Or Am I Drinking Haterade?

Sermon of the Mount
Sermon on the Mount

At the Sermon on the Mount… Jesus taught “As one with Authority” All throughout his life, Jesus was constantly faced with the question of the authority that he had.

In other words, was Jesus speaking because he had the right to speak, or because he was drinking “haterade”?

The Bible was very clear that he spoke with Authority because was speaking on behalf of “the Father” and not by his own. By his own admission, he stated that he was speaking not of his accord, but that of his Father who was in heaven.

The Teachers of the Law (Pharisees in particular) were not able to speak on their own behalf, they had to always reference the Torah.

So here is a guy speaking on God’s behalf.  Pretty heavy stuff.

Now, I’m not Jesus, but if Jesus spoke on God’s behalf, by what authority do I speak?

I speak by the authority vested to me by all the great Sales Skills Teachers who have gone before me.

Those who have taught us all the “Art of Sales”.  Teachers like Zig Ziglar, Mike Ferry, Floyd Wickman, Tommy Hopkins and all the greats who have brought us so much.

The sales skills that they have taught us all have helped countless people achieve their goals.

They’ve helped us help our clients and customers by selling and buying their homes.  They’ve helped teach us the “how to” and “what to say” for all the countless Realtors® and Wholesaling Investors who have learned how to gain financial freedom for themselves and their families.

A Perverted Gospel

Thus I am left with my frustration.  As I left the ministry because intellectually I could not resolve what my mind was telling me versus what my eyes could see.

After consistently seeing the Real Estate Investing world facing these same “False prophets, coming to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ferocious wolves.” I am starting to get the same old feeling.

This perverted Gospel taught by these “False Prophets” is one of Direct Mail..who inwardly know it won’t work.

Inwardly, they know that this failed method of obtaining business does not work for a majority of those who try it.

Yet, they still teach it. Why?

Sales Skills Are Calling You

Follow your Common Sense
Follow your Common Sense

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me”

Listen, I don’t want to get too metaphysical on you here, but let me share a truth with you.  You and I both know bullshit when we hear it.

The truth is, in order for you to have ANY chance of “making it” in the Real Estate business long term, you MUST learn how to sell.

Sales skills will give you “eternal life” in sales.  It’s the “small, still voice” that you hear.

You see, sales skills are not found in the “blowing of the wind” of massive mailers… it’s not in the “earthquake” of Google Ads.  Nor is it in the “fire” of the false prophet and his “miracle blah blah”.

Sales skills are the small voice inside your head that tells you “I need to know how to help everyone in this situation!”

I’m Not For Everyone

Now I will assure you.. I’m not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.  Heaven knows that J.C. wasn’t.

I will assure you of one thing however.  I will never tell you one thing, then write you an email saying another while trying to sell you something.

I think that with over 400 Podcasts, and 80 Videos that are 99% free to the public, I’ve established enough authority to speak on the topic of sales skills.

You know who you are.  You who wrote this.  This is not sales skills.

This is apostasy.



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