How to Use Meerkat To Sell Your Home!


How to sell your home with Meerkat!
How to sell your home with Meerkat!

If you are a agent, or an Investor, you are doubtless as amazed as I am with the technologies available in today’s market!

With the advent of drones, virtual tours, virtual reality, panoramic photography from your iPhone and much more… it seems like there is an endless parade of things that the modern Real Estate professional could use to sell their homes.

Don’t be that guy….

I remember back when I first began in Real Estate nearly 19 years ago. I remember the older agents grousing about these “new fangled computers.”

They simply couldn’t understand what on earth was wrong with the “good old MLS Books.”  After all, they had been using them for years.

You don’t want to be that guy or gal.  Resistant to changes that could actually be good for your business if you took the time to learn how to apply them to your business.

Who This Message Isn’t For

If you are well established in your business, and have a large buyer list, and have a older, established buyer list who won’t use technology… then this post probably won’t be of any value to you.

If on the other hand, you are a newer agent, or a newer investor, then pay attention!

As you are getting “older” in the business, you will find that more and more of your customers are using social media like Twitter to get news, follow friends, read articles and more.  More and more people are using social media like Facebook, and Instagram; but they do not have a feature that you can use with Meerkat!

Live TV Streaming

Live Camera Streaming!
Live Camera Streaming!

By using the Meerkat App, you are able to stream live video from anything you are seeing through your camera.  Anything.  From political speeches, to protests, to your home you are trying to sell.

Think about it!  The power that this app gives the average Investor or Realtor®!  If your buyer is on Twitter, they can simply tune in at a certain time (you set the time) and can see exactly what you want to show them!

You can tour the home, show the benefits of buying this great deal, show the potential repairs, and outline your pricing strategy.  You can give them instant visual access from the comfort of their office, their home, or their car.  Wherever they are, they can see your home.

“Can’t make the group showing I’ve set up?  No problem!  Log in to your Twitter account and follow me on Meerkat for a free tour of the home!”

Technology Doesn’t Replace Sales Skills

Unfortunately, all the fancy technology that you have at your disposal today is impressive, it does not replace the ability to control the conversation through powerful scripting.

Your ability to get the prospect on the phone, then in a face to face meeting, where you can then use your sales skills to help persuade a customer to make a purchase.  No matter what the technology, no matter what method, you must know how to help the customer make a decision!

The Meerkat app is an amazing advancement in the use of smartphone technology.  It’s ability to record the “live show”.  Your customers won’t be able to see the recording, which causes them to have to contact you personally for more information!

That’s where your sales skills step in!

Let me know how it goes for you! Until then….

Have a Powerful Sales Day!

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