Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Sales!

Content Marketing Strategy!

Perhaps no other topic has garnered so much attention by Realtors® and Investors who recognize the immense power of the Internet than that of Content Marketing.

However, you can quickly get off course with your content marketing if you don’t have a strategy to ensure you are getting the most traffic possible to your site.   If you are trying to learn How To Wholesale Houses Ethically as a Realtor® or wholesaling Investor, you are quickly running out of time, and money!

In today’s post, I will share with you a simple strategy that you can modify to use in your own Content Marketing, and an example of what I teach others to do in my Executive One on One Coaching.

First Step… Get a Map.

Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate!
Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate!

As you can see from the downloadable Content Marketing Strategy PDF, you have several components to any content marketing strategy.  From the sources that you are prospecting (lead generation), to the conversion, as well as the lead followup.

In content marketing, the sales is more subtle.  It’s not an aggressive “in your face” active form of sales, (although it could be).  To be most effective, content marketing is giving your customer what they need informationally, so they will deal with you transactionally.

Content Marketing is about giving the customer what they need informationally, so they deal with you transactionally.”

As you may have read in my previous posts Lead Generation for the 21st Century Part 1, and Part 2; I am a big believer in telephone prospecting.  I’ve built a business entirely around the “Art of the Sale” as I share on my podcast. 

However, from a content marketing standpoint, we must look at it from a different perspective. In telephone prospecting, you are specifically seeking out the customer.  In other words, you are hunting them.

When people search on a Google Search for information, they are hunting information.

No Information Shortage

In your market, there is no shortage of “how to” videos, blogs about selling your home without an agent, or FSBO pages.  Of course there is.  What makes your approach different is that you will be making sense of the information.

Zillow has made a fortune off the dissemination of real time information about home sales.  They use the information provided by Realtors® and sell advertising space on their website.  It’s pretty simple really.

The hard part, as you undoubtedly know, is separating the truth from the fiction.

Content Marketing SEO
Content Marketing SEO; where will you be?

Planning For Your SEO Future

Are you still planning on being in the real estate business in 3 years?  What about 3 months?

If so, then now is the perfect time to begin assembling your Content Marketing Strategy to begin sending leads to you today, tomorrow, and forever!

Let’s start off with an overview.  Looking at the map, we see at the top of the “funnel”; lead pages that address certain issues like For Sale By Owners, Expired Listings, MLS Listings, Absentee Owners and more.

The idea of these pages is to act as splash pages for the “Evergreen” type of topics.  “Evergreen topics” are topics that will always be a question in the mind of your prospects.   You can address these in a lead page, or in a blog post.  However, think of these as “always relevant” ideas.

Using posts of this type, or creating content that addresses these 5 types of deals that you might be interested in will provide night and day coverage for you.  Especially when you connect those pages to a powerful conversion website like Investor Carrot.  I use their SEO Bible to help select powerful phrases to get higher rankings on searches.

Once the prospect has been generated, it is now the job of the website, or post to either give the information immediately, or provide an opportunity for the prospect to download a “White-Paper” directly like this…  or obtain their information via a “splash page” with a highly useful e-book!

Dynamic Behavior Marketing

Unlike traditional email marketing, where you endlessly pound away with meaningless emails to a spam box (you know it happens, you do it too!) the purpose of Dynamic Behavior Marketing (DBM) is to market to the prospect based upon certain activities.

We’ve all been on “those lists.”  It’s no secret that once you give your email address to an Internet Marketer you know that you are about to get some email!  You may even have strategies involving fake email addresses or disposable emails.

However, DMB is based upon a prospects individual activities when interacting with your content.  Depending on your Contact Retention Manager or email marketing service like Aweber or Infusionsoft, you are able to physically see what your potential customer is looking at.

Dynamic Behavior Marketing
Dynamic Behavior Marketing

By paying attention to what your potential customer is watching, reading, and reacting to from your content marketing, you can adjust YOUR behavior accordingly.

When your customer opens, or more importantly doesn’t open a item you have sent them, you can stop the sequence of auto-email and direct them to resources that might interest them better.

Second Step; Reading the Signs…

As you use blogposts, YouTube Videos, and various social media sources like Google Hangouts to “spread your Message”; you will start to discover certain topics that resound with your audience.

For a very poignant example, I recently posted an article called “Content Marketing For Realtors® and Investors” on ActiveRain (a Blog by Trulia).  By using the statistics metric on their blog; I discovered something fascinating!

Content Marketing For Realtors Article
Content Marketing For Realtors Article

As you can clearly see, within just a few days of publishing that article, I had 7 comments, and nearly 400 views.

This is striking because I notice that all the other articles that I have written do not have the same impact as that one did.

What this means to you and I is, in a content marketing sense, the title “Content Marketing for Investors and Realtors®” seems to be a popular topic!

Content Marketing at Work

As you undoubtedly have discovered for yourself, this very piece is “content marketing.”  The title had probably struck your curiosity.  You may have read this far because of different styles of writing I’ve incorporated, or videos that I’ve included.  Maybe this isn’t your first time reading something of mine.

Content Marketing At Work
Content Marketing At Work

The point is, that this is an example of content marketing at work.  You are making initial impressions about TenMinuteSkill and The Red Pill Investor Podcast; you may be learning additional information that may help you in your business. Either way, you are spending time on my site; and that’s the point of content marketing.  To capture the attention of a ever shortening eyeball of a Instant messaging, Facebook watching, YouTube sharing generation.

As customers read, interact, and share the material you create you will begin to create the authority position, as well as change the dynamic of the sales environment.

Third Step; Close Like a Boss! 

If you are newer, or you are just breaking into a newer market, you can quickly establish authority as well as a element of pre-existing rapport when you meet with the customer.  If they are ready at the time they interact with your material for an appointment, then simply set the appointment! 

If they aren’t ready just yet, then you can use Dynamic Behavior Marketing to help educate the customer about the issues that are most important to them.  Issues that commonly come up with a seller are the issues that I would talk about.  Things like Pricing, How-To’s, Checklists, and local information including MLS Statistics.

Content Marketing
Perpetual Motion in Your Business Using Content Marketing!

It is important to understand that Content Marketing is simply that… Marketing.  In the end, marketing’s job is to help identify potential customers, and begin the conversion process to make the job of the sales person easier.

With a solid content marketing strategy in place, coupled with the sales skills for success, I believe that you can create a marketing system that will run for you like a perpetual motion machine!  You simply must take the time to create the systems… if you are prospecting anyway, take a little time to strategize something that will work when you turn the lights off, and go home! 

Have a Powerful Sales Day!

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