Basic Sales Skills For Investors and Realtors® Who Invest!

Do You Want A Competitive Edge? If you are a Realtor® or Investor in the Tucson, AZ area… then I have exciting news for you! If you are a reader of TenMinuteSkill or a listener to my podcast on The Red Pill Investor, and you like what you have learned, then hold on to your seat!

Upcoming Sales Skills Class!
Upcoming Sales Skills Class!

Upcoming Meeting! On April 29th, at 6pm at Fidelity National Title here in Tucson Arizona, at 6760 N. Oracle Suite #100, I will be holding my first #PayItForward Seminar.

There is no cost to attend this free seminar I will be having.  I am hoping that you will bring with you two cans of food for the Abounding Grace Lutheran Church Food Pantry.  

It was a charity that my mom actively supported, as she was a member of that church, and was a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

She passed away April 30th of 2013. It is my intent to hold this Seminar in her honor, with all of your cans of non perishable food, diapers, or other items you feel a Food Bank could use as a donation on the 30th on her behalf. Who Should Attend?

Be Strategic In Your Business!
Be Strategic In Your Business!

If you are in the Tucson area, and you are a Realtor®, or an Investor; you should definitely attend this free event.

If you are experienced in our market, then you will meet other experienced as well as newer Realtors® and Investors to network and possibly do business with.

What You Will Learn!

I’m not going to lie… I am super psyched to meet you!  I’ve spent a very long time teaching the skills that Realtors® need to get more listings, more sales, and lead a compelling life.

If you are from here… you already know my reputation.  I’m not one to sugar coat the truth…

I will definitely give you tools that will help you progress further in your business. Here’s a smidgen of what I’ve got planned for this 90 minute meeting….

  1. How to Create a “Perpetual Lead Machine”
  2. Determining Real Motivation
  3. How to Handle the Most Common Objections, and Get Your Contract Signed!
  4. Basic Contract Negotiation Strategies
  5. Closing Skills to Get Your Contract Signed!

Now, I am going to assume that you have a working knowledge of the basics of Real Estate Investing.

You won’t learn how to hang bandit signs, or write a fancy letter.

Nothing about traditional wholesaling will be taught!

Possibility of Meerkat Stream

If you are on Twitter, then I would highly recommend that you download the free Meerkat Video Sharing app and then follow me on Twitter @karlkrealtor.  There is a very high probability that I will live stream this meeting.

Get the Meerkat App to follow me!
Get the Meerkat App to follow me!

In order for you to watch it live, and post any questions you may have; you will need to follow me on Twitter as well as have the Meerkat app.

It’s Going to be FUN!

No products will be sold to you.

This is no sales pitch.

Just my way to #Payitforward in my mom’s honor, so that I can help all my local Investing friends get the edge they need to win! I look forward to seeing you, I will have a lot of free material for you when you arrive, so be sure to show up early, and let me know that your coming!!

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