Real Estate Scripts and Dialogues!

Oh The Delicious Dichotomy! 

Real Estate Scripts!
The “Double Edged Sword” of Real Estate Scripts

On the one hand, you want to have some idea of what to say to a motivated Seller, or a motivated Buyer…

But on the other hand, you don’t want to sound “like your scripted.”

What a delicious double edged sword you are facing when you are a newer Realtor® or Wholesaling Investor.

Relief On The Way!

One of the things that I have learned over the past few years that has helped me immensely in my sales career is the knowledge of the following…

When You Know What To Say… The Fear Goes Away!

For most people, they simply “wing it” or ask their friends what seems to work for them.

In today’s Internet society, there are simply too many resources available to choose from!

That’s why I’m sharing with you a complete “Script Book” filled with the scripts you need to win!

Why You Should Use Scripts

Like it or not, you are using a script.  No matter how hard you try, you tend to say the same things on appointments, or on the phone over and over again.

Try as you may, your reluctance to use a script results in you “using a script” of your own making!

I would simply suggest to you that if you aren’t happy with the results you are getting, or would like to increase the amount of deals you are currently getting… perhaps you might consider changing the scripts you are using a bit!

Why These Scripts Are Better Than Any Other

I’m not gonna lie.  I am very partial to my scripts.  The Script Book that you are about to download are very effective and efficient at getting to your prospects true motivations quickly!

When you are using a script, oftentimes, you are stuck trying to modify it to fit your particular situation.

As an agent using Investor scripts, or as an Investor using residential resale scripts, you must make certain adjustments to fit you, your style and your market.

Everything that I teach at The Red Pill Investor Podcast and here at my blog at TenMinuteSkill is reflected throughout the scripts…

Making it easy for you to understand the why which is so often left out of other Script Training that is offered.

These scripts are direct, and yet allow you the flexibility to build rapport.

When using scripts of any kind, you want to ensure that you role play, rehearse, and practice your scripts until they become second nature.

Proven Successful… Time and Time Again!

It’s not just the words.  It’s the concept behind them! No matter your age, your license status, or your location… if you have the drive to wholesale real estate full time, it’s possible! 

You just need the right mindset, the right words, and the right examples to follow!

Real Estate Scripts and Dialogues!
Real Estate Scripts and Dialogues!

You Can Do This!

No matter your skill level.. it begins with the right attitude, the right words, and the right expectations!

If you are looking to get your real estate investing career started, then may I recommend a complimentary copy of my e-book “The Red Pill Sales Scripts?”

Inside, you will find tons of insanely powerful Scripts that can be used by both the Licensed, as well as the Unlicensed Investor!

Scripts for every sales situation!  Including, but not limited to:

  • For Sale By Owners
  • Multiple Listing Properties
  • Expired Listings
  • Yellow Letters
  • Bandit Signs
  • For Rent By Owners
  • Agents
  • Attorneys and Title
  • Pre-Qualification
  • Presentation
  • Objection Handling
  • Followup
  • and much more!

Time To Accelerate Your Progress!

If you want to get the type of progress that my Executive One on One Coaching clients like Rodrigo are getting…

Then it begins with the first e-book I’ve written on the subject of creating a duplicatable, repeatable business!

The Red Pill Investor Sales Scripts!

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