Sales Skills for Real Estate Investors!

Sales Skills…For Realtors® who Invest and Investors!

As you think about your goals in real estate (whatever they may be), do you see yourself making a lot of money?

Sales Skills for Real Estate Investors
Sales Skills for Real Estate Investors

Do you see yourself living the life of your dreams?  The envy of your peers, and the respect of your loved ones?

Oftentimes, in my capacity as a Coach of The Red Pill Sales System, I frequently come across Realtors® and Investors struggling with the same problems.  Usually, they are frightfully similar.

“What areas should I focus my direct mail campaign on?”, “What types of Google Adwords Campaigns should I run?” and “How do I find comparables?” are all common questions for the average wholesaling Investor and perhaps even the Realtor®.

The Truth Revealed

Unfortunately, the true path to wealth and success in real estate does not reside in a late night infomercial.  Nor in a podcast, nor in a e-book written by a “guru.”

The true path to wealth and success in Real Estate is very easy, but not simple.  The unfortunate truism in life is that if you work hard, your life will be easy… but if you take it easy, your life will be hard. 

However, you can’t put more hours in the day.  You can’t spend more money, you can’t put out any more bandit signs, or write one more letter.  You have reached the end of what you can do physically, and yet, you still find it lacking… needing more.

The Sales Skills For Success!

While I have written at length about the Five Core Competencies (Lead Generation, Lead Followup, Pre-Qualification, Presentations, and Closing) It seems necessary to mention a few practical tips to help increase your efficiency.

Which Is More Valuable? Diamonds or Gold?

In this 24 hour a day, 7 day a week world,  it seems like you are busier than ever!  With soccer practice, kids recitals, grocery shopping, and all the other things you need to do in your everyday life, to add even MORE to your already hectic schedule is a bizarre request!

This is why so many “Blue Pill Guru’s” promote massive mailing, or bandit signs as your primary way to obtain business.  They understand that these outdated methods of getting leads are a great way to keep a hopeful Investor involved in their “bootcamp” or “program.”

They know that if they can sell you on the idea that real estate is easy, and as simple as mailing a yellow postcard or letter, you can make thousands… if not millions!

I’ve even heard the topic of lead generation described as “If you are mining for Gold, which would you rather do?  Use a spoon, or a Bulldozer?” used as a justification for the use of even more useless junk mail.

It’s said so that you believe that the more you mail, the more chances you have at hitting “Mr. Wonderful.”  The problem is, when using bulldozers for Gold, you still have to wash it to find it…

Good Morning!
Good Morning!

You still have to dig, you still have to spend money on the diesel (at the time of this writing, it’s more expensive than regular unleaded), you screw up the environment with your big tires, and generally cause a nuisance to the surrounding neighbors.

Face it.  Nobody likes a damn bulldozer in their neighborhood.  Especially at 6 am.

Diamonds on the other hand… are much more valuable.  I mean, if you are going to use a bulldozer on something…doesn’t it make sense to go after Diamonds?

“X-Ray Vision”

What you may not know, is that in order to find the gold, you must wash it, and of course collect it to separate it from the debris.  Many times, unless the nugget is obvious, you miss flakes of gold here and there.

Where are the flakes of gold missing in your business?  If you are prospecting with a bulldozer, and cleaning your “golden leads” with the standard questions you’ve been taught by some guru… would you agree with me that it is at least possible that you might be missing a few leads??

Another cool fact that you may not know is that while Diamonds are also mined from the earth in a similar way as gold… they are much different!

  • You can create a diamond.  Synthetic diamonds have value.  You can’t create gold.
  • Although diamonds are mined from the earth, you search for them with X-Rays.
  • You make sure you don’t miss any pieces of diamond from the debris with X Rays.
  • In case you haven’t made the connections… if you have “X-Ray Vision”… You won’t miss deals.
  • Diamonds are worth more than gold.  Pound for Pound.. Ounce for Ounce.  Therefore find diamonds!

Real “X Ray Vision”

When I was a little kid… I remember reading comic books which offered out “X-Ray Glasses” for some small price.  If you only mailed them this small amount, then they would guarantee your “visual pleasure!”

Sales Skills for Real Estate Investors!
Sales Skills for Real Estate Investors!

As a inquisitive young boy.. I had everything but the $5 it took for me to find out if they really worked.

It wasn’t until later in life as an adult that I realized what “Real X-Ray Vision” is.  The ability to “read a person like a book”, or “size up a situation” quickly was a real, tangible thing.

What’s more, is that it could be acquired by anyone.

What was this mystical skill?  This half-mystical talent that would enable me to magically look at any potential Seller and Buyer and discover their true intentions and plans?  What was it that would allow me to help my customers achieve their goals and my financial dreams?

Sales Skills For Investors

It’s as simple as that.  As I mentioned before, sales is simple, but not easy.  The Five Core Competencies will work for you no matter if you are selling Nokia Phones, G4 Jets or Wholesale Houses!

What’s more, is that you can use them, to build a life by design, instead of one by your fears.

What skills would you need to learn to build this life?  What “X Ray Vision” is possible?

For those who live in Tucson, I will be having a free seminar teaching “Sales Skills For Real Estate Investors!” at 6pm at 6760 N. Oracle Rd. (Fidelity National Title) on Wednesday April 27th.  I simply ask that you bring two cans of food for Abounding Grace Lutheran Church Food Bank!

* If you don’t live in the Tucson area, or can’t make that time, don’t worry!  I will also be providing a live stream webinar at the same time!  Register here! 

I hope to see you… as I show you the “X-Ray Vision” you need to make sure you don’t miss out on any deal!

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