Real Estate Scripts and Dialogues!

Real Estate Scripts and Dialogues! If you are an Investor, or a Realtor®; You may be asking yourself what advantage you can find by using powerful scripts. This article shows you how! Read More

What Specific Questions To Ask A Title Company!

Today, I received an email from one of our great listeners question about something that I never had actually written about!  I felt that the question was so important, that I needed to share the answer with the listeners of and TenMinuteSkill! How’s it going?  I’m going to speak with a title company that’s… Read More

Wholesaling Real Estate For Profit…

Wholesaling real estate is a great profession. It pays well, the hours you set yourself, and you have tremendous potential to help a lot of people. If you like money, helping people, and setting your own hours then wholesaling is for you! However, wholesaling real estate is not without its pitfalls. You can go for… Read More

Customer Retention and Marketing Systems for Investors!

Customer Retention… It isn’t easy getting customers in the first place.  Let’s just be honest. Prospecting daily for leads, running Craigslist ads, talking to strangers, going to weird houses isn’t easy. What’s worse however, is losing a good customer.  It takes months to develop a good relationship with a great customer, and only moments to… Read More

The 6 “Must Have” Systems You Need In Your Real Estate Investing Business!

When we talk systems in real estate, we often think of real estate management software generally.  However, I am referring to the systems you need to stay competitive in a market that is becoming increasingly more competitive. Don’t fool yourself.  Today’s friend is tomorrow’s competitor.  How many times have you as a Realtor® ever heard… Read More

The Closing… Where Housing and Money Meet!

It’s The Closing Day! Regardless if you are an investor, a landlord, rehabber, or simply a purchaser of your own residence; the process of closing your home is the same.  If you are new to the process, it can be a little intimidating! Although this is written in the perspective of the newer Investing Realtor®… Read More

How to Sell Your Home Fast; Marketing Your Wholesale Deal!

How to Market Your Wholesale Deal for Fast Sale! Recently, I was coaching an Executive One on One who had recently returned to our Coaching programs.  He was remarking to me that one of the initial challenges he had faced as a newer investor was the inability to get a property sold. He was able… Read More