The DANGER Report!

The DANGER Report! The NAR Recently released this report… it has 10 Prophetic Warnings for Realtors® and Investors! Read More

How to Invest In Real Estate With No Money Down.

Investing in Real Estate With No Money Down IS Possible…  However, it depends on how you define “Investing in real estate with no money down.”  More specifically, how do you actually “own” the real estate for little money down. The purpose of this post is simply to inform you of a few possibilities that you… Read More

Customer Retention and Marketing Systems for Investors!

Customer Retention… It isn’t easy getting customers in the first place.  Let’s just be honest. Prospecting daily for leads, running Craigslist ads, talking to strangers, going to weird houses isn’t easy. What’s worse however, is losing a good customer.  It takes months to develop a good relationship with a great customer, and only moments to… Read More

Two Kinds of Busy By Seth Godin

Two Kinds of Busy By Seth Godin In Seth Godin’s Blog, He recently made an observation about Time management that is just as pertinent to us as Investors and Realtors® who Wholesale, about being two kinds of busy.  In his article, Seth mentioned one kind of “Busy” where we are so focused in on a… Read More

TenMinuteSkill…Teaching Investors the Sales Skills for Success!

Sales skills for Investors? Although training for Realtors® is pretty common, there are few places available that are geared to teach Sales Skills to Investors.  Until now.  At TenMinuteSkill, we provide various formats in a very inexpensive and user-friendly way! From our podcast at The Red Pill Investor which started it all, to HouseFlippingAgent, we… Read More