Does the thought of contacting for sale by owners scare you?  The thought of their objections make you weak at the knees? And have no fear! In this brief email  “home-study” course you will discover many of the answers to the questions were looking for.

Free Email Class! “For Sale By Owners, Explained.”
In this class you will learn the following:
  • Creating easy systems to locate, track and followup with active FSBO Leads.
  • How to set the appointment.  Which FSBO’s to approach, and more importantly, which ones to leave alone by prequalifying to save yourself valuable time.
  • Reasons why the home owner is actually better off selling to you NOW, then waiting for an offer.  You will NOT want to miss this power packed email! This mental edge email will get you prepared for the presentation phase! 
  •  Presenting to the FSBO.  If you think that presenting to this Seller is the same as an Absentee Owner, you have another think coming! 
  • How to handle the typical For Sale By Owner Objections.  At the end of this email, you will have concrete “words to say” to counter the most common objections.
  •  “How to Close” the Typical FSBO by meeting their concerns and needs.  I will show you a powerful presentation, and closes that I have used over the years that help the seller make a decision now.

This class is a great way to pick up some helpful tips, find out a little about what we are all about, and a great laugh or two on the way! Sign up for the complimentary course today!

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