Prospecting, Lead Generation, Business Development, no matter what you call it… is the lifeblood of your business.  The problem is, you you must generate leads, and then convert them.    

If you must daily generate the leads your sales business needs, and then convert them, then you are fighting a uphill battle… no matter what you do, no matter how much money you spend, if you are having trouble converting them, then you have lost!

If you haven’t already got a clear grasp of what Prospecting really is, I think this definition from that I think  pretty much sums it up.

1.   Usually, prospects 
     a.  An apparent probability of advancement, success, profit, etc.
     b.  The outlook for the future: i.e. good business prospects.
2.  Anticipation; expectation; a looking forward.
3. Something in view as a source of profit,
4.  A potential or likely customer, client, etc.
Verb (used with object)
5.  Tsearch or explore (a region), as for gold.
So in order for you to really do your job well, prospecting is more than a noun..(Something we talk about, the potentialities) it is a Verb!  Something to take Action On!
Introducing The Prospecting Academy!
The Prospecting Academy!
The Prospecting Academy!

The reality of it is simply this.  In order for you to make mega leaps in your production, you must learn how to do a couple things really well.  The biggest problem that you are having in your business right now probably isn’t lead generation per se… its more lead conversion!

Unless I miss my mark, you are probably the kind of person who recognizes that good things don’t come cheap, and cheap things are seldom good.  Am I correct?
The hard truth of it is that you have a greater than 80% chance of failing within the first 18 months. I can’t even believe that attrition rate myself… but sadly… It’s true.
I am committed to you, and your success.  Chances are, you’ve not met me personally.  So without going into a bunch of my background, suffice it to say that you are here because you’ve heard a podcast of mine on The Red Pill Podcast or read one of my books!
I am excited to provide to my community “The Prospecting Academy”  My answer to those who want to increase the amount of transactions that they are doing per year, and being able to net more per transaction!
Here’s some of  the problems that The Prospecting Academy will solve!
  • Low Production
  • Poor Conversion of Buyer and Seller Prospects
  • Low Income
  • Poor Mindset
  • and worst of all… Inconsistent Production!

Unlike what you may think, this is NOT Executive One on One Coaching!  This is a very specific course directed to the problem of Prospecting and Lead Conversion!   This eight week course will provide the following!

  • 8 group calls of training in the most powerful, up to date techniques used in the world today to get contracts signed… appointments made, Sellers prequalified, and appointments held.
  • 8 group calls full  of Questions and Answers with myself, as well as the other attendees, including the Executive One on One customers… the ones you hear about on the podcast!
  • Recordings of every training session… over 16 hours of training specifically for the topic of Prospecting, and Lead Conversion!
  • Weekly Homework… and Powerful Accountability you will never forget!
  • Lifetime Access to the Exclusive “The Prospecting Academy!” Facebook group!
  • Lifetime Access to future courses!   Become a repeat attendee for one low cost!

I can assure you… You can keep on spending thousands of dollars on useless mailing campaigns, or Zillow campaigns to generate leads for your growing real estate business.  How much money would you make on ONE technique that brought you a deal?

A lifetime of skills is priceless!

Or you can spend the one time fee and learn the skills it took the Investors you heard on “Investor Week!” and kill it for the rest of the year!

Rest assured, just like any other training I’ve ever done, this too comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  Simply attend every course, and complete your homework, and if it’s not to your satisfaction in any way, then simply let me know and I will give you an immediate refund.  No questions asked.  Keep all the recordings as my gift to you!

Time To Fish… Or Cut Bait!

The reality is, you’ve got an 80% chance of failing in the next 18 months.  Not because you don’t know what to do, but because you don’t know how to convert the ones you DO find.

Let me help you conquer that fear once and for all.  If it takes you going through it a couple times, no problem!  One time admission, and you are good for as long as we hold the courses!

Ask around… after 440 podcasts, and 80 videos, 126,000+ downloads on the topic of Sales Skills for Investing Realtors® and Wholesalers, and Sales in general, the value of what I put out is pretty high for what you pay for.

If you like what you’ve heard for free, just imagine what you would hear if you got into THIS course?

Rolls Royce Training.

I stand ready.. I am willing to put over 16 hours of my time to teach you what you need to know… are you willing to meet me on the next class?

The workshop  begins June 30th, 2015  2pm Tucson Time!

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