Typically, it is the same questions that face practitioners every day.  If you are new, it can be a hassle to find quick meaningful answers!  Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions I hear in Real Estate, and the best answers I have!

If you have a specific question, feel free to share it with me!  Chances are, it isn’t new, and has been asked by others!

Wholesaling / Real Estate Questions

1.  Where can I find out how do do Bandit Signs more safely? How do I set up my system?  May I suggest a video on YouTube called Bandit Signs for Dummies?

2.  Do you have Scripts for Wholesaling?  For FSBO’s, Realtors®, Expireds and More?  Yes!  Click Here to check out my 59 page, entirely remastered Ultimate Script Book “The Red Pill Investor Script Book Version 6.0″.

3.  Argh!  I keep getting objections!  Do you have Objection Handlers for Real Estate Investors?  What do you know… I sure do!  Click here for The Ten Most Common Objections Heard by Real Estate Investors!  Download these free objection handlers and learn how to win!

4.  How does Transactional Funding Work?  What is the difference between a “Wet Closing” and a “Dry Closing?”   Here is a quick podcast about how transactional funding can be used and how Proof of Funds can be obtained.

5.  What happens once I get a contract?  How does Escrow work with my Transactional Funding?  Excellent question.  That’s pretty extensive, and depends on where you live. Check out this quick ten minute podcast to describe how Escrow, Transactional Funding, and your Contract work together!

6.  How do I fill out a common assignment form? Do I need anything special?  Other than contracts, you simply need to fill it out.  Find out here on this helpful YouTube Video! How To Fill Out an Assignment Contract! 

7.  Where do I get Contracts anyway?  Contracts can be found anywhere.  Here are some that I found on the Internet.  Feel free to download these! 

8.  How do I figure out pricing?  Everyone is talking about ARV and MAO.  What does that all mean?  More importantly, how do I make sure I don’t offer TOO much?  When you are new, that can oftentimes be the most terrifying portion of the process!  If you can excuse a wild hair day, Here is a YouTube video entitled “MAO Reloaded” to help you determine a better way to price property!

Another resource that is popular is “The Insider’s Guide To Pricing!” Straight from the archives of The Red Pill Investor Podcast! 

9.  How do you present comparables to the Seller? What should it look like?  In this YouTube Video, I share with you a easy way to share with a Seller the facts about the market!

10.  Why should we call FSBO’s?  Don’t they all want too much for their home?  Great question! I recommend checking out a Google Hangout we did on this topic recently called “How to Turn FSBO’s Into Cash!”  See if you can find some ideas there that might help!

11.  Help! I’m a Realtor® trying to find an “Investor Friendly” company to hang my license.  How do I find one?  You know, that is such a common question!  It’s not easy, but you can certainly find a broker who will be “on the same page” as you, once you learn what to look for! Check out this article I wrote called “How To Find An Investor Friendly Real Estate Company for Wholesaling!”

 TenMinuteSkill Specific Questions

1.  What is involved in the Premium Podcast Plus?   The Premium Podcast is the entry level of Coaching we provide.  It is a $19/month membership.  For which you receive access to the TenMinuteSkill Mastermind Group, and access to our Premium Podcasts, as well as “The Vault!”

2.  So what exactly is involved with Executive One on One Coaching?  A very intense, no-holds barred One on One Coaching session with me. For 45 minutes once a week, four times a month,  we go over the systems, accountability you need to be extremely successful.  You have exclusive access to me via PM, Email and phone.

It is like having a “Coach in your Pocket!”.  Be aware however, this is extremely intense, and I will hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself.  There is no time requirement or contract period.

However, you are advised to not join this program if you are unable to commit to the time it takes to change.  You will not be a Master Salesperson in 30 days. 

3.  What do I get when I join Executive One on One Coaching Full access to all of my products.  Every product, book, or class I have put out, you have instant access to.  It’s a virtual brain dump!

4.  Am I committed in any way?  No.  The only thing I ask is that you be cool about it.  If you want to cancel, please give us 5 business days notice PRIOR to your billing.  Why?  Because we have a budget too.  We aren’t made of money!  Remember, I take time out of my business to help you with yours.  Please be respectful of that.

5.  What exactly am I going to learn?  I teach sales skills with an emphasis to Wholesalers and Realtors® who Invest. The System that I teach is The Red Pill Sales System. If you are looking for the dialogues of what to say in a Real Estate sales situation, then you have come to the right place!

The investment in Executive One on One Training is unfortunately closed at this time.

I allow a maximum of 15 Executive One on One’s at any one time.  This ensures the integrity of the training.

6.  Do you still sell Real Estate? Yes.  I am a licensed Broker in good standing in the State of Arizona.  I am currently licensed with Realty Executives Tucson Elite.  I also Wholesale, Invest, as well as Joint Venture with local Investors in the Tucson area and from around the United States.

7.  Who can benefit from this sales training? Anyone!  We are always in a a perpetual state of sales.  We are selling our buyers, our sellers, and our affiliates on why they should do business with us!  Learn the techniques, the words, the systems, and you will have a leg up on your competition by default!

8.  What is your return/cancellation policy? For our Coaching programs, if you elect to cancel, you must cancel within 5 days of your first coaching call.

No refunds are given for Coaching products unless specifically offered at the time of enrollment.  We have a “No Questions Asked” policy regarding our digital products.  If you purchase any of our digital products, and find out it’s not what you expected, simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase price immediately.

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