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On May 28, 2014, at 11:32 AM, wrote:

Hey Karl,
Was wondering if the 2 on 1 coaching was still available? I’m spinning my wheels these days..waking up in the morning wondering what the next step would be to get this thing moving…much faster.

My first direct mail campaign went out to 600 absentee owners and I got about 60 calls! This may sound ridiculous, but fear settled in and I only called about half back. On the upside, I did get 2 contracts. The first contract was a bust…I’m new to Knoxville and had no idea that you can’t GIVE a house away in the east side of town. The second…well,I FINALLY got a buyer, but now I’m waiting to see what will happen with that judgment that the seller was unaware of. Naturally the buyer is not too pleased at the moment.

My main issue is…I stopped everything and focused on getting those 2 under my belt. What a mistake that was. Funnel = empty. Then my mind wanders to…shit, maybe if I get my realtor’s license, this whole thing will be easier! So, you can see where I am at the moment 🙂

My next mailing is going out in a couple days to 400 vacants in targeted zip codes, and my buyers list is definitely more established than it was a month ago.

So to wrap this up…$200/mo. is palatable (and worth it)…although I struggle with the thought that all the info is already out there for free…LOL! A swift kick in the ass and direction is what is needed at this point. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for your time.

(BTW, your FB posts are very entertaining these days 😉


Dear D:

Thanks for the note!

Well, the Two on One coaching has been replaced with Business Coaching. It is a pre-requisite for the Executive One on One Coaching. In that sense, you are “One on One” so to speak with me, however, with a more regimented version of what is being taught during regular One on One. The Business Coaching is designed to do exactly that. Build the systems you need to get a jump start on your business.

I can appreciate how you feel when it comes to the “free” information. The Internet is completely filled with information from many good sources

What is more important however, is remembering that the purpose of Coaching is NOT to teach you the skills required (available anywhere online) but to learn how to APPLY the techniques.

If you say, “Mr. Seller, what happens if it DOESN’T Sell” a certain way, you get one result. Say it another, it is completely different. How? The tonality! The way you present things, the way you say things, the way you approach problems. The key to Coaching is to help you see the value of learning the “What, When, and HOW” to say things!

I hope you join me on Business Coaching. It is a great way to introduce yourself to the skills and the work ethic required to be successful! See you on the inside!


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