Are You a Newer Investor or Realtor®?

Are you having a problem with lead generation?  Difficulties with lead followup? 
Maybe pricing properties or presenting to Sellers is a challenge.  Chances are if you are newer in the real estate business, you have a LOT of questions!
While over 400 episodes are available in The Red Pill Investor Podcast; that’s not even close to everything I have to offer you!

Introducing Premium Podcast Plus! 

In Premium Podcast Plus! you will be able to access every single episode I have ever done! Over 400 episodes! Live Seller calls, How To’s, Downloadable swipe files and more!
Now it’s one thing if I tell you, but another if I SHOW you! Here are a few screen shots of what is available for our Premium Podcast Plus! Members!

Show and Tell

In over 45 hours of video and audio training, I share with you the “In’s and Outs” that it took me nearly 19 years and over $98,000 confirmed dollars spent  in education!  I will share with you in our Members Only section of our public site at !
One of the videos is “How to Respond to Offers!” 

Learn powerful negotiation techniques, escalator clauses and more! 

Endless Leads!

One of the things you naturally know is the amount of leads that you can get from MLS… What you may not know is How To Flip MLS Property! In this section of Premium Podcast Plus! You will have a ton of training so you will know how to locate, price, negotiate, and assign MLS Property! 

Professional Speaking Engagements

From time to time, I am paid by different places to speak at their events, or hold webinars.  One notable former customer is the Council of Residential Specialists.  
I share in the Premium Podcast Plus! Section of ScriptsAndSkills all the webinars I’ve done!  Webinars fromPowerhouse Your Open House! to How To Sell The Unsaleable Listing! (Currently for sale at $25/ea at CRS) and many more!

Too Much To Share! 

Listen, I don’t want to belabor the point… But I think you and I would agree that there is a TON of real worldadvice, powerful techniques, and money saving tips that you’ve already heard on the free podcast.  
Just imagine… if that is what I give away for free… what would I give if I charge?  Wonder no more!

Paying It Forward Has a Cost

I won’t lie. Running a podcast, as well as getting the bandwidth to share the information that I do does have a cost.  Fortunately, due to the wonders of the Internet, it is a very low cost.  
I am offering to you a service that I believe you need to be truly successful in real estate.  I believe in it.  I’ve lived it for 19 years.  
I want you to have that freedom as I have, without having to spend 19 years to do it.  
The Premium Podcast Plus! will give you access to all the things you need to get started at a reasonable investment in yourself.  Here’s what you will receive for $19 a month!
  1. Access to every single episode of The Red Pill Investor!
  2. Access to TenMinuteSkill Mastermind Group on Facebook (Over 40 of your peers are waiting!) 
  3. Access to TenMinuteSkill’s “The Vault!” (where the videos above are waiting for you!) 
  4. Access to Premium Podcast Plus! Extra Downloadables file! (Over 40 hours of training, live calls, and more!)
  5. Access to the “Open Mike!” Library! (Previous Webinars!) 
  6. Downloadable Swipe Files and much more! 
For 63 cents per day (enough for a Mt. Dew for me!) you can get access to the ever growing library!    
We’ve got over 114k downloads, and are one of the fastest growing Podcasts on Podbean for a reason!

Join NOW!!!!


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