Real Estate Sales Skills Training!
Real Estate Sales Skills Training!

Looking For Less Intense Training?

Over the years, I’ve come to learn a couple things.  One, you can’t fill a teacup with a firehose; and another is that you can’t make the business appear!

One of the biggest challenges I’ve heard from people who are interested in my coaching is that although they see the value; they are unable to afford the $400 a month commitment it takes to become a full time Executive One on One.

Less Cost = Less Intensity!  

In Business Coaching, I will share with you the basic systems you need to install in your business to become more systematic and duplicatable!

For $200 a month, here’s what you will receive!

  • Two One Hour calls with me One on One to discuss your business, your systems, as well as your leads!
  • A Recording of your calls for your review and personal library!
  • A Complimentary Copy of “The Red Pill Investor Sales System”
  • A Weekly Plan specifically designed for your business, we will build it together!
  • Complimentary subscription to  The Red Pill Premium Podcast Plus! 
  • Access to the Private TenMinuteSkill Mastermind Group!
  • As well as “Silver Level” access to “The Vault!” and the entire Premium Podcast Library on

Although this Coaching program is designed to give you the fundamentals of sales, you will quickly want to progress to Executive One on One!  Once you see the value of coaching on a every other week basis, you will naturally want to go week to week!

If it works for your body.. imagine what it will do for your business!

Sign up Today! 

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