Be the Bruce Lee of Sales!
Be the Bruce Lee of Sales!

The Red Pill Sales System as taught through TenMinuteSkill is  the most comprehensive sales skills system ever designed for the modern Wholesaler or Investing Realtor®.  To my knowledge, there is no system like it in America today.  Complete with Scripts, dialogues, systems, and actionable items to give you the words and skills you need to compete with anyone, on any level. 

Make no mistake, we are talking about a powerful system you are learning.  And like any other system, it does take time to learn, apply, and master.  Like Kung Fu, Sales is “Mental Martial Arts.”  With the exception that in this case, you are able to make money, instead of kicking butt!

I want to be the “Bruce Lee” of Investing!

Here is what is comprised of my Executive One on One Coaching.

  • Weekly Exclusive One on One Coaching with me.  A one hour One on One discussion about your business, your systems, and what we need to do to give you the skills you need to succeed at any level you choose.
  • A Recording of your call delivered to you for your private library!
  • Access to me during the week via Private Message on Facebook, Email or via Cell.  It’s like having a “Coach in your pocket!”
  • Weekly accountability to ensure you make your yearly goals!
  • Free  access to all of my resources through my exclusive Members Only Area!
  • Free access to all events, webinars, and trainings!
  • Complimentary Subscription to “The Red Pill PREMIUM Podcast!” Where I share all the dark secrets!
  • Immediate Access to the Exclusive Members-Only TenMinuteSkill Mastermind Group on Facebook!
  • Immediate Access to The Red Pill Investor (Closed Group).  Unlike the Public Version, this group is deliberately small.  Only the core members who were there from the beginning and my closest clients!
  • The full resources of TenMinuteSkill, over 2000 members strong.. a community committed to your success!

It is the best I have for you. How much would you need to have complete access to 19 years of first hand Real Estate Experience, a Licensed Real Estate Broker, A trainer, and Wholesaler work with you side by side every week?

Only $400 per month!

How much money could you make off of one technique that we teach you?   Believe me, there is no comparable training available on the market today.  If you are a Realtor® or a newer Wholesaler looking for the edge you need to succeed, then let’s talk.  I have the experience, and the ability to help!

If you enjoy what I give away for free, then I invite you to see what I might be able to add to your business when I work with you directly!

To see if my style of coaching can get you to the skill level you need to succeed, then…

Schedule your complimentary coaching call NOW!!

Or Sign Up Here!

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