When it comes to my Customers, I have an almost freakish obsession.  I really try to do my best to educate, motivate, and train you to be the absolute best Investor or Realtor®/Investor as soon as possible.  To do that, I have established a “Training Protocol.”  Steps that I feel you can use to get a quality sales education inexpensively.  I believe that the perfect training candidate will look at what we offer and see the logical progression of skills.  Please, tell me if you disagree!

  • Complimentary Subscription to TenMinuteSkill News.  The benefit of this (almost weekly) email subscription is the focus on a specific point that I may have not had an opportunity to cover clearly on the podcast.  Additionally, scripts and dialogues that I do not share on the podcast come to you free of charge!
  • Complimentary Subscription to an E-Class.  Whether it be FSBO Domination, or Quantum Time management, I am always looking to find ways to share information that is useful to you. As these come to you and are specific to a topic, you know you can get only the info you want!
  • Attend a Free Open Mike!  These no-obligation, no hassle environments are me having lunch with Entrepreneurs, Real Estate professionals, Investors, Title, Attorneys, you just never know who will show up!
  • Listen to our podcasts daily!  Ok, I will confess.  I am a little partial! But can you tell me ANY other podcast that packs so much info in the time it takes for a quick shower? Don’t worry, I won’t peek!
  • Subscribe to our Premium Podcast!  $19 a month is a small price to pay for at least 4 (Generally 6-8) EXTRA Premium Length Podcasts?  In those episodes, you will discover the more specialized tips, tricks, and techniques that I do not share on the public podcast!   Not to mention, it is a great way to support my Mt. Dew habit! Subscribe here! 
  • Purchase one of our Classes!   By this level, you are starting to see results from your efforts!  You naturally know that to keep the ball rolling, you must be continually on the lookout to improve your skills.  Those classes are a inexpensive ($25), ad free way to get your learn on!
  • Enroll in one month’s worth of Business Coaching!  In this prerequisite class to Executive One on One Coaching, you will learn the fundamentals of implementing The Red Pill Sales System.  If you have never learned sales, this is an intense period to give you a fighting chance!  Learn more by clicking here!
  • Join Executive One on One Coaching!  The pinnacle of my service to you.  Clients on this level get the MAXIMUM of what I can offer.  Every class, every webinar, product, or service I provide is free of charge to my very best clients.  They enjoy almost instant communication with me via private message or text or call for “Deal Insurance”.   Imagine how much more you might make if you don’t lose so many?  This level of Coaching is very intense, however is designed to bring real results, accountability, and structure to your business.
  • As you complete the steps in your journey to becoming a successful Realtor® who Invests or Wholesaling Investor, you will see the benefit to teach others in your area.  Thereby completing your obligation to #PayItForward!

It is my hope that we can be of assistance to you in this evolution of yours from becoming a “Wantrepreneur” into a Entrepreneur!” Please let me know below if we can help in any way!

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