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Learn Why The Red Pill Investor Podcast and TenMinuteSkill is the fastest growing community of Real Estate Wholesaling Professionals!

Anyone can teach you how to use bandit signs… Anyone can teach you how to send out a letter.  However, that’s not the problem.

What do you say?  How do you “control the conversations” effectively to make sure that you are getting a great result?

The honest answer is… it’s seldom taught.

The good news is, you can learn what you need to know here!

After Coaching both Realtors® as well as Unlicensed Investors How to Wholesale ethically, and repeatedly for a profit, I can assure you of two things..

  1.  There are no resources on the Internet today to teach Realtors® how to Wholesale
  2. There is no system (except The Red Pill Sales System) that is specifically designed to give you the means, the know how, and the direction to build a predictable and repeatable wholesaling business.

The benefit of our coaching, our podcasts, as well as our blogs; is that you are able to get meaningful answers to all these questions quickly, and at low cost!

From our free podcasts at The Red Pill Investor; to our Premium Podcast Plus! all the way to Individual Mentorship Programs…. I have the ability to help teach you how to talk to the Sellers, to get the contract Signed!!

I look forward to working with you!

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Learn Why The Red Pill Investor Podcast and TenMinuteSkill is the fastest growing community of Real Estate Wholesaling Professionals!


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What My Customers Think!

Thanks to the Red Pill Way Of Life…

“I want to thank Karl and all the regular contributors to the Red Pill Way of Life.  Thanks to TenMinuteSkill and the Podcast, this check was possible!”

– Dan Clarton

Dan was kind enough to share a recent check that he had received from his investing activities for over $19,000!  Now, there is no guarantee in life, and I can’t guarantee you will have those kind of results…

But I can guarantee you that your life won’t change unless you do!

It has been just over a year that I have been coaching with Karl and learning about the Red Pill way of investing.

It is no surprise that since I have started coaching that my business has climbed to a new level, it has been a fun and crazy ride!

Learning and understanding the importance of sales skills, prospecting, and generating now business leads has been crucial. Besides sales skills though, coaching has opened up a new world for doing business in…Agents!

Over the last six months I have worked on 8 different deals where an agent is either the buyer, representing the buyer, or brought me a pocket listing. Needless to say that has helped me continued growth!

Looking forward to what else I will be able to learn and implement!

If You Can’t Close A Deal..You Won’t Make Any Money!

“I have really benefitted from Karl’s coaching and Real Estate coaching. Karl focuses on the basics.. and that is sales skills and talking with sellers and buyers.

If you can’t close a deal, you won’t make any money. Karl’s coaching helps you make more money than what you can get out of any other training or coaching.”

– Talha Shahid.

The Scripts Alone Are Worth Their Weight In Gold!

The scripts alone are worth their weight in gold. If you never would have turned me on to them,I would still be stuck.

Just learning how to talk to Realtors® and FSBO’s has been one of the biggest turning points in my business,  I used to be frozen and not know what to say or afraid to start a conversation or build rapport with these people.

Not anymore, thanks to you Karl and your TenMinuteSkill podcasts…..And you can quote me on that.” –

Daniel McDonie


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