It’s no secret.  I’m a salesman to the core.  I love, love, love selling.  I love everything about selling!  Except of course the times when you have no money! Then of course, selling is not all that much fun! Despite what many well intentioned “guru’s” will tell you, it ain’t all a bed of roses out there in the Real Estate World.  Something about being filthy rich seems to just suit me.  Now, to be honest, I am not talking about being ridiculously “swagged out” in the latest “bling” or driving a huge Escalade, or whatever is popular these days.  There is nothing wrong with those things of course, but for me, what I am talking about is the filthy kind of rich that you never have to worry about another thing in your life except how to create, add, and be beneficial to your world.

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On this page, I will add the elements of the 15 Main Components to The Red Pill Sales System; The ONLY Systematized method to create a Systematic, Duplicatable Wholesaling Business. Now, as a disclaimer, I am not referring to the material riches that I obviously cannot guarantee.  Why?  Well it’s simple.  You gotta go make it happen yourself!  But what I CAN do, is help show you the way over a few road blocks.  I can help direct you past a few things I have learned over the past 18 years so you can hopefully make your Millions even faster!!  So, over the next few days, I will add some thoughts to the blog! I hope you enjoy!

Here is a short directory of what we will cover;

1.  Mindset (What gives some people the unstoppable edge, and others just average results.)

2.  Agency (If you are an agent, you won’t want to miss this.  We will cover how you can CYA while making CASH!)

3.  Disclosure (There are disclosures that you must be aware of, not only for your protection, but your customers!)

4.  Lead Generation (Definition of Now, Future, and Maybe business; plus ways to generate business on your own!)

5.  Lead Followup- (Both before, and AFTER your appointment!  Bet you didn’t know that you there were two types!)

6.  Pricing- (How to determine pricing, in a clear and understandable way)

7.  Presentation-  (How to adequately convey in a clear way what you are attempting to do.  The WORDS to say!)

8.  Objection Handling– (Increase your Sales through Effective Objection Handling!)

9.  Closing Skills- (How to close confidently for the signature)

10.  Escrow and Title  (How to interact with your partners at Title and Escrow)

11.  Marketing for Sale (How to market your property for a quick, easy, and profitable sale!)

12.  The Sales Process (A step by step examination of what is common in most transactions)

13.  Administration Systems (From your closing files, to your checklists; be ready if ANYONE asks questions!)

14.  Customer Retention Systems  (Keeping customers for life)

15.  Profitability (Treating Wholesaling like a Business)

It should be interesting, (at least for me anyway, pretty sure nobody else is reading this. But if you are, let me know!)

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