Lead generation! No other topic is such a source of consternation to the modern Realtor® than the possibility of having to generate a lead on their own. We will work extraordinarily hard at trying NOT to work. We will go to any measure, pay any price, suffer any hardship, accept any humiliation for ourselves other than to work for what is freely given.

What do I mean by this? The topic of prospecting of course! In 18 years of this business, I have yet to see such a massive amount of love/hate for this form of business. We do not like to prospect, therefore we do not do it often. Because we do not do it often, we suffer economic hardships. Feast and famine, periods of drought and plenty, all stem from a failure to Prospect, or lead generate properly. However it is not the fault of the practitioner. It is the fault of the industry in my opinion.  It is because prospecting is not taught to you when you begin. So before you get your license, or spend too much time getting involved in the real estate business, please allow me to share with you where business comes from.

Business Comes To You In One of Three Ways…

Business comes to you in one of three ways. It comes to you as “Now” Business, “Future” business, or “Maybe” business! Now business is business characterized by people who have to sell now! For sale by owners, for rent by owners, certain bandit sign calls certain direct-mail calls all can fall into this category. Future business is characterized by those persons who need to sell in the future. Generally in a couple months for some various reasons. Contacting these people over time can be less effective and less profitable than focusing more time spending on the “now” business. Maybe business, his business where the outcome is less certain. Short sales, certain offers on less than optimal properties can all be believed as maybe business.

This becomes important when trying to determine where to get business from. As a new practitioner, you are in a race against time. Trying to determine where your next check will come from before you have to get a job again. If you want to get paid now, then you must spend time and the now business. If you want to get paid in the future, then you must spend time in the future business. If you want to get paid maybe, then spend time in the maybe business. But either way you go, it is important to understand which business you are in.

Unfortunately, if you want to be paid now, that will require you to meet people that you do not know. Since the number of people you do not know it seems the number of people you do know, that you will need to get very good at talking to people very quickly in order to get paid. Fortunately for you, The Red Pill Sales System is designed specifically for those conversations!

What are some methods to get now business? By finding people who need to sell now! Where do you look to find people who need to sell now? On the computer! You can simply look online today on any computer and find for sale by owners, for rent by owners, expired listings and others who need to sell their home today! We but need only know what to say!

Here are a few methods of finding free leads now!

  • Center of influence
  • Past clients
  • For sale by owners
  • For rent by owners
  • Expired and canceled listings
  • Bandit signs
  • Notice of default sales as advertised on the County assessor website
  • Online sources such as Craigslist, and Backpage.
  • Social media
  • Fliers about distressed property
  • And tons more!

What you focus on, truly expands! If you’re looking for now business, then you will find people who need to do something now. What I recommend, is looking for people who need to sign a contract within seven days. If you focus on that result, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find! Write me and tell me what you find, and how I can help!

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