For Realtors® who invest, as well as Wholesaling Investors, there currently is (to my knowledge) no training available on the market today to instruct you as to the actual dialogues, the phrases, and sales skills necessary to effectively wholesale Real Estate repeatedly or predictably.

Enter The Red Pill Sales System.  Modeled after time tested scripts and actual field use; this system provides the practitioner with the flexibility to control the various conversations in the sales process as well as to provide their customer an unparalleled level of customer service while providing you the security of a proven, safe, “Realtor®-able”, system.

The basic foundation upon The Red Pill Sales System; the cornerstone of the entire system is based on ONE premise.

You are NOT an Investor, nor a Wholesaler, nor a Realtor®.  You are a BUYER.

After all, what is a buyer?  A Buyer is nothing more than a consumer in the market place.  The closer you can come to understanding your “Buyer-hood” the more you realize the less you have to put up with!  After all, what makes a buyer?

  1. Money for the transaction at the time of closing.
  2. Ready, Willing, and Able
  3. With honesty to the Seller.  Reserving your rights as a buyer to lease, rent, assign, repair, or sell the property for a profit.

Why do you want to look at it from this unique perspective as opposed to the myriad of “Blue Pill” Trainers who are quick to show you how to make a mailer, but not what to say once you get in? Simple.  When you accept the FACT that you are a Buyer, then all the problems that labeling yourself as an Investor or Realtor® entails.  Take the following examples as proof positive of what I am saying:

  • As a Realtor®, people automatically assume you want a listing.  What kind of opportunity would you have if you could change the conversation to one of you buying the property? (Even if you don’t have any money, or rotten credit. Spoiler alert!  Wholesaling (Assignment of Contract) does not require you to have either of them!
  • Start off every conversation with a potential homeowner as “I am a Home Investor” and watch the sparks fly!  Even if the Seller is ok with it (they aren’t), then it sure starts off the negotiations in a defensive posture.
  • How about when you are a Wholesaler, and you are trying to explain what you do to your family, friends, and especially Title Agents, Attorneys, and Realtors®? Your language is extremely important here!  If you are going to start stating that you are an Investor, then your words will be judged by that standard.  Start using jargon incorrectly, or making rookie mistakes, and the game is up.  They figure that you are either a joke, or so hopelessly new that you aren’t worth the time.

The beauty of what we teach here at TenMinuteSkill, is the application of The Red Pill Sales System.  Your Buyer-Hood, your believability, and your integrity, all depend on your ability to accurately read the situations that you are faced with daily.  The Sellers who need to sell their home immediately, who cannot wait for a traditional listing, nor wait for a long drawn out journey as a For Sale By Owner need you.  Within just a few miles of you, right this very minute, there is SOMEONE who is considering on selling their home.  They need a qualified professional with a systematic, duplicatable, effective, efficient real estate sales system to help them sell their home.

Want more complimentary skills?

Will it be you?  Tell me, in what way have YOU applied our skills to your life?  I’d love to hear it!


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