Let’s be honest.  It’s not easy having a powerful mindset.  Having an unstoppable one is even harder.  Nobody said the price to success would be cheap nor easy however.  And being that Mindset is the very first stop to becoming a Superstar, it is critical that we do everything we can to ensure our Mindset is ready for action.

So to start, let’s be clear.  You have two mindsets.  An “Action Mindset” and a “Thinking Mindset.”  The Mindset you have most of the time, is a “Thinking Mindset.”  It enables you to plan, to dream, and do be whatever you want to be.  The other mindset you have is the “Action Mindset.”  That is best described as the moment when you are totally and completely being “in the zone.”

Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The Thinking and Action Mindset are complimentary, as well as polar opposite.  Much like everything else in life, you can’t get too far with one without bringing the other.  So to ensure you have the most possible results out of whichever mindset you are currently in, let’s talk about each of them together and how they work together to ensure your success.  Now, in advance, I am not a Doctor, and I have no scientific method by which to measure these tactics.  However, over the course of 18 years I have noticed a few things in the Superstar salespeople.  Traits that I believe you can add to your thinking and belief systems and profit from!

The “Thinking Mindset” is otherwise known as your conscious mind.  It reports back to you the stimulus of the outside world.  Planning, organizing, conceptualizing and assessing risk are all the purpose of this state of mind.  To enable you to prioritize, plan and execute your goals to ensure what you say you want.  However, the biggest problem with the “Thinking Mindset” is the almost absolute war that it must have every day with your subconscious mind.

Your Subconscious mind, is the silent recorder in your mind.  It secretly records every nuance, smell, movement, and sound around you.  It is the “World that has been pulled over your eyes.”

The Subconscious mind is responsible for the recording of your life.  It makes no judgements, no assumptions, no governance.  Just simply recording the events in your life.  From those memories, and events, you will soon discover that your own thoughts are generally what holds you back.  If you are able to control your subconscious thoughts then, you will be able to control your destiny.

The “Action Mindset” however, is one that is much more aggressive.  Without Action, Thoughts are dead.  Likewise, one cannot be Successful on thoughts alone.  The Action Mindset is self explanatory.  The part of you that doesn’t take no for an answer. The part of you that is consistently working on your dreams and goals.  It is not uncommon for people who are in this mindset, to “crank out the work” or to be known as the “grinder.”  The problem with the grind however, is the very real fact that the grind will “Grind you Down!”

This is a very easy mindset to spot fortunately.  It is what Tim Ferriss referred to in Four Hour Workweek as “Working for Works Sake”.  Heaven knows I have been a victim of this mindset.  For many years early in my career, I equated to the hours that I worked to productive activity.

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To effectively manage your mindset, you need to begin first with the end in mind.  Meaning that to build an effective Red Pill Investment business, one that is duplicatable, repeatable, and scalable, you must think about how you will approach the end of your career with the beginning in mind.   A mindset with that in mind is rife with possibility!  What do you want your business to look like in 3 years? 5 years?  10 years?  If you are looking to build a business that you could potentially sell one day in the future, then you must approach it as any Entrepreneur would.    A “Thinking Mindset” planning, evaluating, scheduling, and preparing for the moment when the “Action Mindset” takes over.  When both aspects of your business are acting in unison, then you are well on your way to success.

Speaking of success, may I suggest that you listen to “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale? He defines it perfectly.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. – Earl Nightingale

So here is the question.  Is your ideal (goal) worthy?  If so, then congrats!  You are well on your way massive success!  However, it does take a Plan. (Thinking Mindset) and Action.

So how do you create an Unstoppable Mindset?

Obtaining a Unstoppable Mindset should be the end goal for every sales person regardless of what they are selling.  If you are a wholesale Investor, or a Realtor® who Invests, or even a stockbroker with a Series 7 license; the stronger your mindset is, the better off you are.  However, creating that fabled mindset is more than a little challenging, trying to keep it is even harder!  So what practical tips would I give you that would help you in your quest to be free?  A few tips, but first a caveat. Keeping a powerful mindset is a lifelong process.  There is no “space” where you can finally rest, and not worry about your mindset.  In order to continue to growing as an individual, you must continue to grow.  The good news is, once you get the hang of it, it’s actually pretty fun!  So here are a few tips from my book “The Millionaire Mindset”

  • Instead of a “Do, Have, Be” mindset,  adopt the “Be, Do, Have” Mindset.  Meaning that what we tend to do as humans is believe that if we DO this, then I will HAVE that, then I will eventually BE this or that.  Instead, it is more profitable, and effective to adopt the Be (in your mind what you are trying to be) then you will DO what is required to HAVE what you want in life.
  • Adopt a daily routine of affirmations.  Affirmations either stated daily aloud or read are an effective way to program your unconscious mind to perform the way it was intended!  (Hint Hint a lean mean problem solving machine!)
  • Place visual reminders of your goals everywhere! You should have a consistent reminder of why you do this before you at all times.  For some people, it is pictures on a dream board.  Others, it is a trip to Bora Bora.  Still others, the silence that can only be found 40′ below the crystal blue waters in the Cayman Islands!
  • Find two to three accountability partners to help you with your mindset goals.  Check in with them daily to ensure that you share goals, affirmations, or role play.  One of my greatest clients and friends had a daily habit of meeting his role play partner via phone every morning to share their affirmations and reinforce each others goals.
  • Remember! Your accountabilities in life are there to support your goals instead of your emotions.

For the typical Investor or Agent/Investor, your Mindset is crucial.  So to support it, use the two-fold approach. One through the affirmations, to cement it in your head how good you really are, and then through accountabilty to force yourself to get into an Action Mindset!

In the next post on this subject, I will be talking about the next biggest factor in your success!  Versatility! Stay Tuned!

I’d be curious, what areas do you feel are most important to you in the topic of Mindset?

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