The Three Fastest Ways to Real Estate Riches!

Hundreds of Homes, Thousands of Customers, and 19 years have taught me… the 3 fastest ways to real estate riches! Read More

Why You Will Fail Your 2015 Goals…

Goal Setting for 2015? If you are setting your goals for 2015, you typically want more.  More time, more deals, more money, or more clients.  Typically, when you are planning your next years business plan, you have great ideas, goals, and dreams.   However, you and I both know that you will, in all likelihood… Read More

The Power of Goals

  The Apple MacBook Pro Anyone who knows me, knows that I am in LOVE with my MacBook Pro. So when it’s hard drive failed for the second time in six months. I was understandably dismayed. Even now, as I painfully type out each and every word on my iPad (yeah, yeah, I know…Earnest Hemingway… Read More