Rodrigo Afanador

It has been just over a year that I have been coaching with Karl and learning about the Red Pill way of investing. It is no surprise that since I have started coaching that my business has climbed to a new level, it has been a fun and crazy ride! Learning and understanding the importance… Read More

Michael Opolski

Why Do We Need A Kick In The Ass? My buddy Karl Krentzel is a mentor to many across the country in the world of real estate and sales skills. I know for a fact that he calls his students at home on the phone, holding them accountable, out of all the students he has… Read More

Jeremy Demers

What I Learned In A Short Time… I wanted to take a second and heap some well deserved praise on Karl Krentzel and his coaching. I only coached with Karl for a few months last summer and was a new investor with a couple deals to my name. I had just transitioned to working for… Read More

Dan Clarton

Thanks to the Red Pill Way Of Life… “I want to thank Karl and all the regular contributors to the Red Pill Way of Life.  Thanks to TenMinuteSkill and the Podcast, this check was possible!” – Dan Clarton Dan was kind enough to share a recent check that he had received from his investing activities… Read More

Kyle Pettit

The Content is Worth More Than The “Cost!” “I started coaching with Karl a few months ago. The content and service provided in this community is worth far more than what it “costs”. I have obtained 2 deals just in the last month, that I would not have obtained otherwise, if it wasn’t for Karl’s… Read More

Martel Esquivel

I Felt Like I  Was Not Making Any Progress… “Recently I decided to join the Red Pill Coaching program.  Prior to joining the coaching program I was hesitant to ask sellers very important questions from the Red Pill script, I felt like was not making any progress.” But now with the coaching I get ideas… Read More

Daniel McDonie

The Scripts Alone Are Worth Their Weight In Gold! “The scripts alone are worth their weight in gold. If you never would have turned me on to them,I would still be stuck. Just learning how to talk to Realtors® and FSBO’s has been one of the biggest turning points in my business,  I used to… Read More

Talha Shahid

If You Can’t Close A Deal..You Won’t Make Any Money! “I have really benefitted from Karl’s coaching and Real Estate coaching. Karl focuses on the basics.. and that is sales skills and talking with sellers and buyers. If you can’t close a deal, you won’t make any money. Karl’s coaching helps you make more money… Read More

Stephen Chatto

We Locked Up A Deal Where We Were NOT The Highest Offer!  “I learned today, on a deal we have locked up, that we were not the highest offer. An actual cash buyer offered more and the seller went with us. This happened because I knew what to say. I made good presentation, BUT didn’t… Read More