Why Do We Need A Kick In The Ass?

My buddy Karl Krentzel is a mentor to many across the country in the world of real estate and sales skills.

I know for a fact that he calls his students at home on the phone, holding them accountable, out of all the students he has that I have talked to, all of them have made money and are doing better in their business and why is this?

I think its because they have someone kicking them in the ass getting them to take action and it got me thinking……

Why do we need a kick in the ass? why do we burn out on our goals and dreams? or is it not that at all?…..is it simply that most people lack discipline to get organized, be willing to always learn, realize their is no top, and to always reinvent ourselves?

For me my dreams mean everything, and not having them makes me lose sleep, it makes me think that I am still not at my best yet! I have a ways to go and the journey is the best part of success, you meet new people, learn new things, and develop new skills to make you better all around….

Michael Opolski