Welcome to TenMinuteSkill!  This is the Internet’s ONLY resource specifically designed to teach sales skills to Investing Realtors®, Wholesaling Investors, and those who are looking to improve their sales results!

You are at the  homepage for TenMinuteSkill, where I teach you how to apply The Red Pill Sales System for your Real Estate Business.  If you are a Realtor®, or a Wholesaler, and you have been trying to break out of the “Rat Race” and you are sick of being sold yet another program, or educational product that sits on your shelf; then welcome!

Our commitment at TenMinuteSkill is to teach you the skills you need to know “What to Say” during those moments with the Homeowner or Buyer.    Let’s face it.  There are tons of sites out there that show you how to put up a bandit sign.  How many places tell you what to say when they actually call it?  We do!

Our complimentary script book is filled with scripts for the process.  From For Sale By Owners, to Yellow Letters. Listing Conversion to Flipping MLS deals.  The Red Pill Investor Script Book 5.0 is specifically designed for a Web 3.0 World!

I invite you to look at what TenMinuteSkill has to offer.  For Investing Realtors® as well as Wholesaling Investors!


TenMinuteSkill.com Sales skills training for Investing Realtors® and Wholesaling Investors
TenMinuteSkill.com Sales skills training for Investing Realtors® and Wholesaling Investors

2 thoughts on “Welcome To TenMinuteSkill!

  1. I am just getting started in the business. I’ve been looking for deals, but when I see a decent deal or ad with motivated seller it seems that a local investment company is selling the property for the out of town owners or just selling in general. When I see that it kinda scare me, because why is it that the hire companies to sell when it seems to be a great deal, or in the ad it states no wholesalers.


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