TenMinuteSkill is the umbrella under which two training platforms are met.  HouseFlippingAgent and The Red Pill Investor.  Both of these platforms have unique knowledge based on the needs of the practitioner.  While HouseFlippingAgent is primarily directed towards Realtors® who Invest and The Red Pill Investor is designed for the Wholesaling Investor, both portals can provide invaluable information for those who are interested in helping people sell their home quickly.

It is my opinion that Wholesaling (or “Assignments” as my Realtor® friends would call them) can be an exciting, rewarding, and mentally challenging profession.  It is certainly not, in my opinion, a “Stepping-Stone” into Real Estate Investing.  In fact, I believe that the Wholesaler and particularly the “Wholesaling” Realtor®  can add value to the market.

There is, to my knowledge, no other training of this kind in the marketplace today.  I am happy to be a part of it, and we are committed to your educational goals.  If you are looking for the specific knowledge of “How do you say” or “What do you say” in this or that situation… then you came to the right place!   I am happy to meet you!

Karl L. Krentzel

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