Here are the scripts that started it all.  Please feel free to download this PDF E-Book full of scripts for the wholesaling process.  Here is what you will find inside!

  1. Lead Sheets
  2. The For Rent By Owner Script
  3. The For Sale By Owner Script
  4. The Expired listing Script
  5. The “Returning Calls” Script
  6. The Lead Followup Script
  7. Prequalifying the Wholesale Deal
  8. The Pawnshop Presentation
  9. Powerful Objections
  10. Top Ten Objections Heard by REI
  11. Center of Influence Script
  12. Listing Conversion Track (Especially for Realtors® who Wholesale!)
  13. The “Agent Icebreaker”
  14. Scripts for Attorneys, Title Officers and much more!

The key to being successful in Real Estate Sales of ANY kind (wholesaling, investing, or any other residential resale) is to control the conversation.

May I present to you, my gift; to help you in your journey…

The Red Pill Investor Script Book Version 5.0.

Have a POWERFUL Selling Day!  


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