Every day, people ask me who I use for certain tools.  I am happy to share with you the providers that I use.  As in everything, do your own due diligence as I can only tell you of the experiences I have!

Investor Carrot- The latest in investing websites.  They provide the websites that I use to generate prospects and leads daily.  You can see examples of their sites at www.KarlBuysHouses.com;  www.SmokingHouseDeal.com as well as www.TucsonRent2Own.com

Landvoice A Data service Provider providing Notice of Default, Expired, as well as For Sale By Owner phone numbers for your wholesaling and Real Estate business.  Half off your first months fee if you register through our portal!

Dirt Cheap Signs- 1-888-255-5541 x102 and ask for Curtis.  Mention TenMinuteSkill in your order and receive an additional 5% off their already ridiculously low rates.  Telephone Orders only! (Below their advertised rates!)

Foreclosure.com!   Click here as a TenMinuteSkill customer and receive a Complimentary 7 Day Trial of Foreclosure.com! America’s best resource for Foreclosure tracking!

Click2Mail   For all you guys and gals who are mailing out there, then if you are going to mail, then I like Click2Mail.  It will keep it super simple for you, and the cost is about as reasonable as it gets.

Just know that for some of these providers I am an affiliate for, and as such I may make a some form of commission if you use their services after being referred by me!  I appreciate you paying it forward!

Want to see if I can find one for you?  Shoot me a quick note!

*Please be aware, I do not represent these companies, although it is possible that I may now, or in the future receive some affiliate scratch from it, just know that I have used every company that I refer, and try to find you the best deal possible.  Please do your own due diligence! Thanks in advance!

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